Nostalgic grinding tune Aston Martin DB3S

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    Nostalgia Le Sarthe race in GT League, professional is winnable in the Aston Martin DB3S and at 10,000,000 credits it’s the cheapest of the high rollers. Can even be bought from the PS store with cold hard cash for those that want to.

    You need to get the Power to level 4 and max out which gives the car 442 BHP and fit
    Racing Soft tires.

    Here’s my updated current tune which is pretty stable even with a DS4 and no Traction Control which obviously the car never had back in 1953 anyway.

    Ride Height 115/115
    Springs 2.65/2.60
    ARB 7/5
    Compression 90/89
    Rebound 88/88
    Camber 2.8/2.8
    Toe In 0.10/ In 0.22

    LSD Initial 12
    Acc 22
    Decel 45

    Max speed 236
    Final 3.669

    1st 1.581/85
    2nd 1.134/119
    3rd 0.879/153
    4th 0.709/190
    5th 0.576/254

    Be patient through the Dunlop Chicane and Tetre Rouge to aid the clean race bonus.
    Brake for Mulsane corner at 200 meters.

    I’m usually well in front by Indianapolis on lap 2.
    Just keep an eye not to get rear ended through the Porsche curves and you’re good.
    Race takes around 7-8 minutes and as long as you’re patient it’s pretty easy to get the clean race bonus which nets 240cr.
    It’s a more fun race than Blue Moon Bay.
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    Jay Matthews

    I can't get close to those compression readings?