Not able to play online race in Lobby for the past few days.

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  1. Ryan C

    Ryan C

    Hi all,

    Good day to you!

    I have been having problem to play online race in Lobby in the past few days.Here are what happened:

    1. I'm able to enter any room of my choice.

    2. I'm able to enter the race following the rules set for the room.

    3. I'm able to enter the course for practise session but sometimes when I pit out the car just banging everywhere by itself in auto drive and it wont pit out.
    (Video attached here)

    4. Sometimes I'm able to pit out normally and finish the practice session until the race start.

    5. When the race finally start and my car on grid,I noticed something different where the countdown timer 3-2-1 doesn't appear as usual and when finally flagged off my car just wont move at all.I can rev but it wont move. (Photo attached here)

    *I noticed this also sometimes happened to other racers in the same race and they're from the same country as mine Indonesia as you can see from both photos above.But there are also same racers from Indonesia in the same race able to start.

    6. It also happened once from grid position where right after the race was flagged off my car turned into auto drive and start banging everywhere by itself and I cant control the car at all.
    (Video attached here)

    7. Oh ya,and also I noticed I'm not able to send message in game be it auto message or manual.Before this problem happened I can send messages.

    Does anyone know why is this happening?It's so frustrating .I just started race online more frequently recently,is there anything I did wrong that caused this?

    Many thanks in advance.Any help will be very much appreciated.

    P/S: I'm a Malaysian currently residing in Indonesia and when I register my PSN account I was here therefore my account is registered under Indonesia.Did some Google search and unfortunately it's not possible to change my PSN region.
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