Not enough tire flex in ACC?

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In my opinion, the tires in the ACC are not flexible enough.
Take a look at the O/M/I temperature with zero camber:


And this when driving in a clockwise circle:


Now look at the O/M/I temperature with this car in LFS and zero camber:
(Blackwood track)


And this when driving in a clockwise circle:


This, in my opinion, makes the FFB dull and catching the rear end when it starts to slide difficult.
i think it depends on where you measure the temps. surface? core? somewhere between? And I don't think you can compare ACC and LFS tyres as they are modeled after different real life tyre types. maybe the heat dispersion across all three sections is different in the Pirelli tyres than in LFS tires (whatever tire model they had as an example). If they modeled a Michelin tyre or Dunlop tyre it probably would look different again.
And street car tyres have more flexible tyre walls than a race slick. It also depends on the ARB and suspension settings how the outside tyres are loaded in a corner.
tldr: I just think you cannot make a straight comparison between such different sims and tyres.

My experiences with ACC FFB are very good. It's one of the few sims where I always know what the car is doing and is about to do. The only other sim that gives me that is Raceroom. rF2, for a surprise, gives me a lot information but it's harder for me to interpret it correctly.
I almost always can catch slides in ACC, because I feel it coming in the FFB.
In the end, ACC has the best and most useful FFB I ever had in a racing sim.
I'm driving with a Simucube 20Nm on Gain 40%, Road Effects 0% and Dynamic Damping 50%.
@super_gt I can send you reference technical data on Pirelli GT3 2019 tires that might help you do further testing on ACC. The minimum tire pressure at cold is 1.4 Bar / 20.3 psi, target hot at 2.0 Bar / 29 psi. Maximum delta temp between inner and outer tire is 20 degree celcius, delta max between front and rear axle tire is 25 degree celcius. Maximum static camber front -3.5, rear at 3.0.

There's also complete charts on static tire deflection when loaded ( kg ) at various levels of pressure ( 1.4 Bar - 2.6 Bar ) set at 0 camber. Example, on 325/680-18x12.0J @ CA 0.0 ° DH-D2, loaded at 325kg, pressure 2.0 Bar, Deflection is 10.6