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    Hello again, I have recently taken up the Rally Events in GT4, and im doing quite well if I do say so myself. But I have noticed something which i find fair but unrealistic,

    On the Cathedral Rocks course ( El Capitan with dirt ) reverse course, there comes a point where you accelerate up a straight dirt road, and then - wallop! your on the tarmac doing the mid section of the road course, and due to the fact of going about 100mph, and the fact that it is a blind corner, I didnt have time to slow down to a speed needed to take the corner succesfully, so I flew off the track and ended up in the dirt, and as you do on the road courses, slowed down to a crawl, now forgive me if Im wrong but this surface is the same as the dirt section of the course where the car im driving ( Subaru Impreza Rally Car 03 ) can easily reach speeds of 130mph ( well on the straights anyway ) yet hit the dirt on the tarmac section and your luck if you hit 25mph lol, does anyone find this funny but irritating? or is it just me
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    It's worse because the run off area's ARE NOT DIRT, they are kitty litter areas or even worse, SAND. ;) Any deviation from the course will result in this. Go test normal El Capitan and the same thing happens, you go off course and it will shred off the speed.
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    Not to mention the rally route is padded down while the traps aren't.