(Not sure this is the place) Model Ripping GTA:VC Modded

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    I need some advice on ripping models so I can view them in blender for full 360 degree viewing in all directions for a project I am working on. Said project is sprite based but I need a reference for the sprite as well as a friend who is helping me design robot modes for the sprites and the only place to get the model I need is in a GTA:VC mod and a well known one at that so I suspect I may be stepping on toes here.

    The mod is Back to The Future: Hill Valley and the model I need is the model of the DMC 13 in the game. In my Transformers sprite comic project I am working on my character Chaindash transforms into that model of car but as it is a fictional car there are no photos and in game I can't get the camera close enougn for details nor at the proper angles.

    So can anyone recommend a program able to rip the models from the modded game so I can view them as close and at any angle in Blender? I would be very grateful if someone would help me with this I will do the work I just need the Programs and maybe a bit of instruction.

    Hope this works and thank you in advance.

    Also as stated in the thread name I am not sure this is the place to post this or if this forum has any connection to the modding community so if this is in the wrong place please be kind enough to point me in the direction of the right places. Again I am sorry for any confusion or well rule breaking I may have caused with this.

    Take care everyone,