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    NOTICE: This forum has been closed for new posts or questions due to a lack of responses from Kazunori Yamauchi. It will remain viewable in an archived state.

    Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi will be reviewing questions posted in this forum and answering a selection of the most popular (as determined by votes/"Likes") over the next few weeks. Although there are no restrictions on the types of questions which can be asked, we do ask you to follow a few basic guidelines when asking your question:
    • Only ask one question per topic (you can create multiple topics).
    • Search the forums (using the magnifying glass at the top right of the page) to see if your question has already been asked; if so, show your support by "Liking" (voting) for it.
    • Be short, specific, and phrase your question clearly. More specific questions have a better chance of being answered.
    • Use our GT Suggestions Forums to ask for cars, tracks, or game features. Polyphony Digital is very much aware of these forums and reviews the most popular suggestions from the community. If you want a car, track, or feature in the game, you will do more for it by voting or supporting it in those forums than by flooding the "Kazunori Q&A" forum with requests.
    • Offensive, inappropriate, or irrelevant questions will be deleted by our moderation staff and your GTPlanet membership may be terminated.
    Kazunori will be selecting the questions to answer himself; by keeping your questions simple and direct, you have a better chance of catching his attention. As questions are answered in the coming weeks, their respective threads will be marked with a green "Answered" tag.

    Good luck with your questions!
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Not open for further replies.