Open Nukeshot Endurance Series(NES):First race on the 13th of August

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    New multi-class series on GT6 featuring LeMans Prototypes & GT Cars(Nukeshot Endurance Series).We are looking for competitors before the first race starts on the 13th of August.LeMans Prototypes will run at 650pp (Pescarolo Hybride at 645pp) with a weight limit of 800kg.GT Cars will run at 620pp with a weight limit of 1.250kg.The points system is exactly like F1 and will apply for both drivers and teams.It is advised to be in a team(2 people maximum) but private entries are also accepted.

    Qualifier time:10 minutes
    Endurance race:30 minutes
    Start type:Grid start with false start check
    Boost: OFF
    Tyre/Fuel Depletion:Fast
    Grip reduction on wet track/track edge:Real
    Minimum No. of pit stops:1
    Visible damage: On
    Mechanical damage:Light
    Slipstream strength:Real
    All assists on

    Race 1:Monza
    Race 2:Twin Ring Motegi
    Race 3:Spa Francorchamps
    Race 4:Silverstone
    Race 5:Laguna Seca
    Race 6:Apricot Hill
    Race 7:Mount Panorama(Bathurst)
    Race 8:La Sarthe
    Season starts on the 13th of August 18:00 UTC (check club events) with the first race.The dates of the other races will be announced on the club's forum.

    Join our club on the 'community' section of GT6,called 'GT Sport (Nukeshot Motorsport)' ID:1002508 to sign up on our official entry list.Host of the series is offapple,im just helping him out.If you have any questions you can ask me here or you can go in the club's forum.You CANNOT sign up here,only in the club's forum.