Nukeshot Touring Car Series [Signups Open]

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  1. GRM Bandit

    GRM Bandit

    Hello and welcome all to the official thread of the Nukeshot Touring Car Series! This is the official support series to the Nukeshot Endurance Series featuring Group 4 race cars.

    Series Organizers:
    @PSN offapple
    @GRM Bandit

    @PSN offapple
    @GRM Bandit

    Attempt at Live Commentary:
    @PSN offapple

    Race Information/Simplified Rules:
    Race 1: Lago Maggiore West (Italian Round)
    Race 2: Sardegna Layout B (Italian Round II)
    Race 3: Nürburgring GP (German Round)
    Race 4: Red Bull Ring (Austrian Round)
    Race 5: Dragon Trail Gardens (Croatian Round)
    Race 6: Blue Moon Bay Infield Layout A (American Round)
    Race 7: Tokyo Expressway South Outer Loop (Japanese Round)
    Race 8: Interlagos (Brazilian Round)
    Race 9: Catalunya (Spanish Round)
    Race 10: Sainte-Croix Layout B (French Round)

    All participating teams must:
    Register on the GTPlanet forum.

    Sign-up format:
    PSN username
    Team name
    Main sponsor
    Tire sponsor/manufacturer
    Repeat for teammates (if registering on the same post)

    Special Sign-up Rules:
    Drivers who manage a team as an owner/driver cannot sign up a “B Team” or “sister team”.
    A person planning on entering a team must be involved in the series either through moderating, commentating, or driving.

    Livery regulations:
    A main sponsor.
    A tire manufacturer.
    A number and correct series numberboard ( ).
    The Gran Turismo number font is required on the numberboard.
    Team cars must match in base design.
    Main sponsors do not need to match.
    Team colors do not need to match.
    Team cars must use similar designs:
    Designs are to use the same base pattern.
    Designs are encouraged to use different colors.

    Team Regulations:
    Use the same car (refer to the Race Format/Rules I.A-X).
    A team cannot consist of more than three (3) drivers.
    Two primary drivers and one reserve driver maximum.
    A team reserve driver cannot be shared amongst other teams such as a “sister team” or “B team” and doing so can lead to the forfeit of team points for that round.
    Teammate selection is based on a first come first serve basis.
    Teammate selection will take place on the GTPlanet forum (refer to Teams I.A.1.g).
    Absences must be announced at least 12 hours before race day.

    Every team will select cars based on a first come first serve basis.
    Legal cars are listed within the rules (Refer to Race Format/Rules I.A-X).
    No team may select a car that is taken by another team.
    A “sister team” or a “B team” is not allowed to run the same car as a main team.

    Drivers on the same team must use similar liveries.
    All drivers MUST display their number in a visible and legible fashion on the sides of the car and the hood/bonnet area.
    The number must be displayed on the proper series numberboard.
    Links to the numberboard will be provided on GT Planet.
    No profanity, excessive gore, pornography, drugs (including drug paraphernalia), or weapons may be depicted on any driver’s car, NO EXCEPTIONS!
    The “Nukeshot Endurance Series”, “NES”, and/or “Nukeshot Swoosh” are not required on the car.
    Singling out any driver via livery/paint scheme will not be tolerated. This includes gamer tags and/or names of people not already on the active or substitute driver rosters. Violation(s) of this rule and will lead to a one (1) race suspension at a minimum, effective immediately (the next race).

    Legal Cars:
    Alfa Romeo 4C GR.4
    Aston Martin Vantage GR.4
    Audi TT Cup
    BMW M4 GR.4
    Chevrolet Corvette GR.4
    Citroën GT by Citroën GR.4
    Dodge Viper GR.4
    Ferrari 458 Italia GR.4
    Ford Mustang GR.4
    Honda NSX GR.4
    Hyundai Genesis GR.4
    Jaguar F-Type GR.4
    Lamborghini Huracán GR.4
    Lexus RC F GR.4
    Mazda Atenza GR.4
    McLaren 650S GR.4
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution FE GR.4
    Nissan GT-R GR.4
    Peugeot RCZ
    Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport
    Renault Sport Megane GR.4
    Subaru WRX GR.4
    Toyota 86 GR.4
    Volkswagen Scirocco GR.4

    All cars must meet the Gran Turismo Balance of Performance unless otherwise stated (ex. success ballast).
    Vehicle tuning is allowed.
    Any vehicle that does not meet homologation will be parked for the race weekend and will be subject to a potential race suspension.

    The series will follow the following rules:
    Races will take place on Sundays before the NES main event.
    There is a twenty (20) minute qualifier prior to each race (begins no later than 8:30 AM CST [2:30PM UK]); the driver with the fastest lap time gets pole position, followed by the remainder of the field in ascending order.
    The parade lap will begin at 9:00AM (3:00PM UK) CST, and the race will take from 30-45 minutes.
    Race start will consist of one parade lap, and a manual rolling start.
    Cautions will be allowed for the following occurrences:
    A collision that results in two or more cars taking on damage (excluding the final three laps).
    A collision between three drivers occurs at any time (excluding the final three laps).

    Cautions are to follow the following format:
    Drivers affected by a collision type “SC” into the ingame chat.
    The commentators will initiate a Safety Car period by typing “Safety Car” or “Caution” into the i game chat.
    The lead car will slow down to 50 mph (80 kph) and turn their hazard lights/indicators on to indicate the caution period.
    Cars will not be allowed to pit unless they are attempting to repair damage.
    Cars in the pits cannot refuel or change tires if under caution.
    Cars that change tires/refuel under caution are subject to penalty.
    All cars will hold position and form up behind the lead car in the same order as when the caution was called.
    Cars that enter the pits will not keep positions from when the Safety Car period was initiated, and are to form up at the back of the Safety Car queue.
    Cars that have fallen a lap behind the leaders may not pass the queue to get a lap back.
    Cars that attempt to regain any laps lost during caution will be subject to a 60 second penalty and possible suspension.
    Cars that pass under yellow are subject to a 30 second penalty per car passed.
    Penalties may be voided if the passing driver gives back the position quickly and safely.
    This rule applies to localized yellows.
    Once every car has formed up, the leader may restart the race on the start/finish line and indicate intention to go green by turning off the hazard lights/indicators (a moderator/commentator will notify the drivers that the course is about to go green).
    The race will restart on the start/finish line after the Safety Car period.

    Damage is set to ‘Heavy’ for the entire session, and visual damage is set to “On”.
    Points will be awarded for the position a driver finishes in; 1st is awarded 16 points, 2nd is awarded 15, 3rd is awarded 14, and so on and so forth.
    Team/manufacturer points are calculated by adding the total points of the drivers registered with a team/driving a manufacturer’s car.
    Single driver teams/manufacturers are awarded the driver’s points only, no multipliers will be applied.
    Quitting the race will result in a surrendering of points and be counted as a DNF.
    If a driver disconnects from a race, they are to send a message after the race has ended.
    Points will be awarded to drivers who disconnect at 75% race distance in the order of disconnection.
    Disconnect points will be given with the first disconnect receiving last place points, the second receiving second to last place points, and etc.
    In the event of a disconnect, a driver is not to return to the race lobby to spectate
    Failure to comply with this rule will lead to a possible penalty or suspension.
    Rage quits/retirements are not covered under disconnects.

    Blue Flag:
    A blue flag will be issued to a driver who is about to be lapped by a leading car (Gran Turismo flag rules will be set to “on”).
    Lapped cars must let leading cars by, no exceptions.
    Lead cars within one (1) car length of a backmarker have the right to pass a backmarker at their discretion AND ONLY when it is safe to do so.
    Backmarkers do not have to yield the racing line, but cannot block a car on the lead lap.
    This includes cars that are lapped, getting lapped by another lapped car, the car the least number of down being allowed to pass under the blue flag.
    Damaged cars MUST let other drivers by unless the car remains competitive.
    If a car cannot continue at a reasonable pace, but can be driven to the pits, that driver is to turn on their hazard lights/indicators until the car can continue at a reasonable pace.
    Refer to rules IV-B for rules on deploying a caution.
    All drivers who are driving significantly slower than race pace MUST yield to faster cars, no exceptions.
    No exceptions will be made for Blue Flag rules, and failure to comply with blue flag rules can result in a penalty or suspension.

    Red Flag:
    Only one red flag can be issued per race before the third lap ends (not including race cancellations/rescheduling).
    Red flags can only be issued by a moderator, or the series organizer.
    If a driver quits during the race, and a red flag has not been called, that driver will be classified as DNF and will not recieve points for that race.

    Black Flag:
    Any driver who has been issued a black flag is disqualified from that race.
    All points awarded for a race that a black flag was issued will be surrendered
    A black flag will be issued if:
    A driver’s car fails to meet homologation.
    A driver cuts and/or extend the race track excessively and without reason.
    A driver risked the safety of another driver which includes, but is not limited to:
    Driving backwards on track (refer to Collisions and Other Incidents II and II.A).
    Brake checking and blocking other drivers.
    Rejoining the racing surface dangerously (refer to Collisions and Other Incidents IV).
    If a driver causes an incident, they are required to ‘check-up’ (pull off the racing surface and wait for the crashed driver to retake their position) regardless of any damage sustained.
    Driving backwards on the track for any reason will result in a disqualification for the current race and a race suspension for the next race.
    Turning around or completing a multi-point turn after an incident is not considered driving backwards.
    Multi point turns are only to be completed if a car is facing the wrong way on the race track, or if the car has collided with a wall.
    Drivers who have left the race surface forfeit their right to the race surface and MUST yield to oncoming traffic, rejoining the race surface when it is safe to do so.
    Drivers who are rejoining the racing surface MUST do so in a safe manner: no rejoining at a sharp angle, at the apex of a turn, or in a manner deemed to be erratic or unsafe to other drivers on the racing surface during an administrative review.

    A driver gets one move before or after a corner to defend.
    After moving to defend their position, that driver can move back onto their original line once if it is safe to do so.
    A driver cannot defend by moving under braking/moving in a braking zone.
    Once a car has started braking, that car cannot deliberately move lines to defend a position.
    Pushing another driver off their current racing line or into a wall (crowding out another driver) is a collision, and will be treated as a race incident subject to administrative review.
    Bumping another car out of the way to gain a position (‘bump and run’) will be treated as an incident, and is subject to administrative review.
    Deliberate hitting of another driver off of the race line or racing surface will result in a disqualification for that race and a possible suspension.
    Instances of severe ramming can result in a ban from the series.
    Brake checking a car to maintain a position (braking immediately following a successful pass/overtake or braking with no hazard/corner immediately ahead) will be treated as an incident, and is subject to administrative review.
    Corner cutting (without justification) is not allowed, and excessive/habitual cutting or track extending will result in a disqualification for the current race.
    The track limits are two tires on the racing surface at all times.
    Kerbs are not included
    Proper pit in and pit out lines must be followed.
    To enter the pits, a driver MUST use the pit in lane.
    To enter the pits a driver must avoid all collisions, and NOT pass the solid line.
    While exiting the pits, drivers must use the pit out lane.
    To reenter the racing surface standard rejoin rules apply, but drivers MUST not pass the blending line (line on racing surface after pit out.)
    The responsibility of overtaking rests with the following car.
    Overtaking begins when the following car’s front axle is at the same point or passes the leading cars rear axle.
    While an overtake is occurring, both drivers are responsible for giving each other space to complete the overtake.
    During cornering, both drivers are responsible to maintain a safe racing line for the entirety of the corner.
    Overtaking is complete when the rear axle of the passing car is ahead of the front axle of the car being passed.

    Unsportsmanlike Conduct:
    To keep the league fun for everybody, it is required that all drivers participate proper racing etiquette (sportsmanship behavior) for the duration of the series.
    Unsportsmanlike conduct includes but is not limited to:
    Revenge ramming (disqualification for current race and league suspension).
    Brake checking (disqualification for current race).
    Forcing drivers off track (penalty subject to administrative review).
    Cutting the track (disqualification for current race).
    Excessive blocking (disqualification for current race).
    Disrespectful or inflammatory language whether in a vocal or written chat group associated with the series (can result in a league ban).

    Penalties Enforcement:
    All penalties are to be served the race weekend after issuing.
    If a penalty remains unserved after the race it was enforced, the driver will be disqualified for that race.
    Any penalty assessed by the administrators will apply to that specific driver NOT their reserve (when applicable).
    If a driver fails to participate in the next scheduled race, the penalty will be enforced at the first available race for that driver.
    Attempts to dodge penalties through liberal usage of a reserve driver will lead to a suspension to the car, and will result in a more severe penalty to the driver attempting to dodge their penalty.
    In the event that an administrator did not alert the driver of a penalty, the penalty is null and void for that race only, and the penalty will be served the next race.
    In the event that a driver is not notified of a previous penalty for a second week, that penalty will be null and void for the rest of the season.

    Penalties for the following include, but are not limited to:
    Avoidable Contact: 5-15 seconds, strong warning.
    Corner Cutting: 30-90 seconds, DQ, strong warning, suspension.
    Ignoring Yellow Flags: 30+ seconds, suspension.
    Ignoring Red Flags: suspension.
    Incorrect BoP or Success Ballast: DQ, suspension.

    Balance of Performance:
    All cars must meet the Gran Turismo Balance of Performance unless otherwise stated through Success Ballast or other means.
    The percentages are listed as follows: xxx%/xxx% is read as xxx% Power then xxx% Weight.
    Alfa Romeo 4C GR.4: 102/108
    Aston Martin Vantage GR.4: 99/107
    Audi TT Cup: 105/100
    BMW M4 GR.4: 98/106
    Chevrolet Corvette GR.4: 94/110
    Citroën GT by Citroën GR.4: 93/112
    Dodge Viper GR.4: 92/107
    Ferrari 458 Italia GR.4: 99/105
    Ford Mustang GR.4: 102/105
    Honda NSX GR.4: 94/107
    Hyundai Genesis GR.4: 101/102
    Jaguar F-Type GR.4: 100/106
    Lamborghini Huracán GR.4: 98/103
    Lexus RC F GR.4: 99/104
    Mazda Atenza GR.4: 104/100
    McLaren 650S GR.4: 95/110
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution FE GR.4: 100/101
    Nissan GT-R GR.4: 97/105
    Peugeot RCZ: 111/100
    Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport: 94/109
    Renault Sport Megane GR.4: 100/100
    Subaru WRX GR.4: 99/101
    Toyota 86 GR.4: 98/104
    Volkswagen Scirocco GR.4: 92/100

    Success Ballast:
    Success ballast is awarded to the top three finishers of every race.
    Success ballast is reset after the halfway point in the season (Race 5).
    If a driver has increased the weight their car to the maximum weight value, they are to decrease the power of their car the same amount as the rest of the amount of ballast earned that cannot be transferred into ballast weight.
    Finishing 1st results in a +3% increase in success ballast.
    Finishing 2nd results in a +2% increase in success ballast.
    Finishing 3rd results in a +1% increase in success ballast.

    The series will utilize the following “Race” tire compounds:
    Hard, medium, and soft.
    Tire selection may be limited based on track.
    Moderators will notify the drivers 24 hours in advance of special tire compound rules (if no special rules are set, all three compounds are available that race weekend)
    A mandatory pitstop or tire change is not required.
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  2. GRM Bandit

    GRM Bandit

    Driver Market:

    Teams List:
  3. GRM Bandit

    GRM Bandit

    Entry List:

    Reserve List:

    Cars Available:
    Alfa Romeo 4C GR.4 (0/2)
    Aston Martin Vantage GR.4 (0/2)
    Audi TT Cup (0/2)
    BMW M4 GR.4 (0/2)
    Chevrolet Corvette GR.4 (0/2)
    Citroën GT by Citroën GR.4 (0/2)
    Dodge Viper GR.4 (0/2)
    Ferrari 458 Italia GR.4 (0/2)
    Ford Mustang GR.4 (0/2)
    Honda NSX GR.4 (0/2)
    Hyundai Genesis GR.4 (0/2)
    Jaguar F-Type GR.4 (0/2)
    Lamborghini Huracán GR.4 (0/2)
    Lexus RC F GR.4 (0/2)
    Mazda Atenza GR.4 (0/2)
    McLaren 650S GR.4 (0/2)
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition GR.4 (0/2)
    Nissan GT-R GR.4 (0/2)
    Peugeot RCZ (0/2)
    Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport (0/2)
    Renault Sport Megane GR.4 (0/2)
    Subaru WRX GR.4 (0/2)
    Toyota 86 GR.4 (0/2)
    Volkswagen Scirocco GR.4 (0/2)
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  4. GRM Bandit

    GRM Bandit

    Race Results:
    Pole Position: 0:00.000
    Fastest Lap: 0:00.000

    Preview Race Results:
    Pole Position: 0:00.000
    Fastest Lap: 0:00.000
  5. GRM Bandit

    GRM Bandit

    Championship Standings:

    Team Standings:

    Manufacturer Standings:

    Succes Ballast:

    Note: The information on this post will be included on a Google Sheets which will be posted below along with being posted on this post (refer to the spoiler tabs above).
    * The Google Sheets document is a supplement to this post and is not required for participating in the series.
  6. PSN offapple

    PSN offapple

    Sign-ups are officially open!
  7. Bhaigh8


    PSN: Brandonhaigh8
    Team: Hyper Racing Porsche
    Car: Porsche Cayman GT4
    Main Sponsor: Blaupunkt
    Tire Manufacturer: Michelin
    Number: 96


    PSN: Rolandjupiter7
    Team: Hyper Racing Porsche
    Car: Porsche Cayman GT4
    Main Sponsor: Blaupunkt
    Tire Manufacturer: Michelin
    Number: 94
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  8. DesertPenguin

    DesertPenguin Premium

    United States
    What day of the week and time of day?
  9. GRM Bandit

    GRM Bandit

    @DesertPenguin Qualifying should open at 8:30AM CST (about 2:30PM UK) on Sundays. Races are much shorter than than the NES (like 30-45 minutes for the race), so there should be no conflict there.
  10. DesertPenguin

    DesertPenguin Premium

    United States
    Too early for me, sorry :(
  11. GRM Bandit

    GRM Bandit

    I believe I’m 6 hours behind (I could be wrong). Either way, best of luck in the NES!
  12. DesertPenguin

    DesertPenguin Premium

    United States
    Yea, CST is 6, but I'm in New York. It's 9:30am for me but that's still too early. And sometimes I work on Sundays so I'd be questionable at best. Happy racing!
  13. GRM Bandit

    GRM Bandit

    Ah, I gotcha. And cheers mate!
  14. AShinySwablu


    PSN: AShinySwablu
    Team: Swablu Racing
    Weapon Of Choice: V8 Vantage GT4
    Main Sponsor: None
    Tyre Manufacturer: Pirelli
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  15. G4 Rotary

    G4 Rotary

    Retract my entry races conflict with stuff
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  16. John_Wanderin


    United States
    Why couldn’t the races be later?


    GTSDRAG Via Nukeshot
    Nissan GTR
    Trayal (Yes its real)
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  18. GRM Bandit

    GRM Bandit

    Uhhhh... this is awkward, but we don’t have enough signups to hold a race, so we can try moving the races to another day/ if everybody is okay with that?
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  19. Tribe


    PSN: Tribe-Racing
    Team name: Cool Light Racing
    Car: Hyundai Genesis Gr.4
    Main sponser: Cools Light
    Tyre manufacture: None
  20. DesertPenguin

    DesertPenguin Premium

    United States
    Just want to make sure, was the race supposed to be right now or in 12 hours?
  21. nexus69


  22. Rapidgator99


    Is this championship still on ? If so i don't have a team mate does that matter ? happy to team up with someone.

    p.s ignore the post above that was me signing into wrong account and not knowing what i'm doing like a pleb, apologies delete at will.
  23. PSN offapple

    PSN offapple

    I'm fairly certain that this series was discontinued unfortunately
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  24. Rapidgator99


    No worries, anything else in the pipeline ?
  25. PSN offapple

    PSN offapple

    Well right now we're just focusing on the main series of the organization, the NES. Besides that we currently don't have other plans right now
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  26. Karlbfc21


    Me and @Arielsharon may be interested in upcoming series.