Nurburgring 20 Minute Endurance

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    So... After purchasing an Amuse S2000 GT1 Turbo, I thought I'd give this a crack. All loaded up and ready to go, with:

    HPA R32
    Mines Skyline
    Amuse S2000 GT1
    Lexus ISF Racing Concept
    HPA R32
    Amuse Nisimo 380RS
    Me in my delicious Orange S2000
    Nisimo Fairlady Z
    HPA FT565 TT
    HKS CT230R
    RUF CTR2
    AEM S2000

    So. I fancied my chances. The S2000 in third look threatening but the rest of the field look fairly docile.

    LAP 1

    Strait of the line I move to the outside and sped past the 380RS and the R32, and slotted in behind the ISF, drafting it and overtaking. The other S2000 overtook the Skyline, and I followed suit before the first corner. Breaking late, I blasted past the the S2000 and drifted around the R32 in a strange moment of skill that I rarely get. Continuing through the lap I was sliding all over the place, but rarely leaving the track.


    LAP 2

    More sliding, crashing and swearing. I break into a 20 second lead, on the GP circuit and first half of the Ring, but start to plateau my lead on the last part, mostly because of the loose rear end.


    LAP 3

    As I cross the line the lead has hit 20 seconds, and the S2000 must have been released, as it slowly started dropping to 19, 18, 17. Then, going through the first sector my rear left tire hits the grass, and I can feel the car beggining to lose control. I flick my thumbstick to the right to try and correct, and nothing happens. The car begins to slow and begins to spin. I frantically try to get the car to work, and I realise my controller is out of juice. As I try to find the charging lead i am overtaken repeatedly. Upon finding it I'm at leat a minute down, and losing more and more time. And then, to add to the joy, the TV dies, along with my PS3. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Dammit Power Outage:ouch: Ah well. At least i was only 20 mins in.
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