" Nurburgring 24h " walkthrough.. A-spec

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  1. hawk2201


    Now , I am playing the last A-spec endurance race " Nurburgring 24h "
    When it come to night race the night mare just appear
    In many section is really darkness that you can't find any reference to guide you drive smoothly and crash many times
    AVG lap time from 5'25 drop to 6'18~6'35

    I think that must be the most difficult race in gt5
    I decide to take break .../ still 12hrs to go


    Way to solve the darkness problem?

    It works
    Adjust TV setting :Brightness 55 > 95 , Contrast 75> 90 ,result as below

    AVG lap times get faster , from 6'18~35 to 5'40~52
    After long break, still 11 hrs and 110 laps to go :crazy:


    After 9 hrs driving in " Dark Demon " finally sun rise
    And AVG lap time get faster
    Now is in last place and 11 laps behind the 1srd / Bentley Speed 8/
    Still have 90 laps to go


    For archive 5/laps pit stop strategic & 5'10~25 AVG lap time
    Have down grad the Max power out put ,and will provide further info when completed


    Finally over take the / Bentley Speed 8 / at 129 laps and become 1st
    But still have 5h /50 laps to go and will leave that to tomorrow
    The victory is get closer



    Now 141 laps in 1st ,5 laps quicker then Audi R-10 , another 40 laps to go !! :dopey:


    The new record is appear " 4'25 " / Max power reduced to 85% for archive 5 lap pti stop strategy
    Now is 161 laps in 1st and 11 laps faster then 2nd " Audi R-10 "
    Let's do the last 20 laps / 2.5h
    We will see the answer !



    What are you looking at :sick:

    Finally come to last pit stop
    Now is at 182 laps and 21 laps ahead 2nd /Audi R-10 /
    Only 20 mins to go :dopey:


    Finally ,completed the " Nurburgring 24h " race
    In 1st / 185 laps ( Red bull X1) , 23 laps ahead 2nd ( Audi R-10 ):tup:

    lap strategic after pit stop
    1th lap : driving smoothly for avoid the heavy weight effect / Handling 75 , Breaking 80, w/p 70 /
    2th lap : driving smoothly still 75~80 gallon behind / Handling 80 , Breaking 85, w/p 80 /
    3th lap : speedup still 55~60 gallon behind / Handling 85 , Breaking 90, w/p 85 /
    4th lap : try break your record ,45~40 gallon /Handling 90 , Breaking 90, w/p 90 /
    5th lap : driving smoothly and slow done be aware the oil reserved /Handling 87 , Breaking 95, w/p 95 /
    Car Setup :

    Racing Tire:
    Front ( soft ) / Rear ( Median)

    Downforce: F: 95 / R :120

    Engine power :
    1250 ps / 85.4 % ( archive 5 laps / pit stop )

    1st:-- 2.917 2nd:-- 2.182
    3rd:-- 1.867 4th:-- 1.625
    5th:-- 1.438 6th:-- 1.273
    7th:-- 1.158 Final:-- 3.753
    Max Speed: 430 km/h

    Initial: xx/10
    Accel:-- xx/30
    Braking: xx/15

    Ride Height: 0/0
    Spring Rate: 17.4/17.5
    Extension:-- 7/7
    Compression: 7/7
    Anti-Roll:-- 7/7
    Camber:----- 2.0/1.3
    Toe:-------- -0.5/0.5

    Brake Balance Controller
    Brake Balance: 7/7

    Intended Driving Options
    Transmission: Manual (AT)
    ABS: 2
    Everything else: OFF

    G25 steering wheel setup


    * Night race TV setting *
    Adjust TV setting :Brightness 55 > 95 , Contrast 75> 90 ,result as below
    AVG lap times get faster , from 6'18~35 to 5'40~52
    After long break, still 11 hrs and 110 laps to go :crazy:


    Lap record






    B-spec AI performance info

    Special thanks to member who share valuable info as below
    Xenn;furai;seadog777 ;LTKapal ;Scuzzilla;alx-ndr ;GTP_Reverend;OLDSKOOLACURA

    Hope this info might help some one who prepare for this race
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  2. B Quiet N Drive

    B Quiet N Drive (Banned)

    Thank you for sharing this information!
  3. hawk2201


    You are welcome,mate!

    What's the specialty of this setting ?

    A: Make sure to win after 17~22 h driving
    B: Well balanced the grip and tire / fuel consumption
    C: Prevent the steering wheel shaking violently

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  4. Mr. S

    Mr. S Premium

    Just because I'm curious: Chinese? :)

    I'm just confused since half the game seems to be in Chinese (or another Asian language that I'm mistaking for Chinese) and the HUD is in English. :)

    On a side-note: the X2010 is extremely difficult to drive on the Ring and la Sarthe, so might be better of with something like the Peugeot 908. It'll cause you to drive more but, believe me, you'll enjoy it. :)
  5. hawk2201



    In fact "Peugeot 908" was my choice and event driven about 4h in this race
    But can't accept performance and take risk of lose 1st

    When night fall and raining!
    My record> day / dry 7'37 .378 (Peugeot 908), wet / night 9'58 (Peugeot 908)
    AI record> day / dry 7'53 .867 (Audi R8 race car), wet / night 10'15 (Bentley speed8)
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    HOODFIELD Premium

    I haven't done this yet. Still waiting on that save feature. I will probably take your advice for turning down the display brightness. :)
  7. SeanWelland

    SeanWelland Premium

    Lap 69 took you 1 hour and 32 minutes. Did you fall asleep? I wouldn't be surprised! 24 hours is a long time for a race.
  8. ah-bull


    I also started Nurburgring 24h. Still 6hr30min to go.

    But, I choose Nissan Fairlady Z Concept LM Race Car (equiped with mid rpm turbo).

    my strategy:-
    * 4 Laps per Pit Stop
    * Front Racing Soft / Rear Racing Soft
    * Only set EV +1 view for night racing
    * current best lap : 7min46.8
    * average lap time : 1st lap ~7min52 ; 2nd lap ~7min54minn ; 3rd lap ~7:58min ; 4rd lap ~8min
    * played 17hr30min at this moment ; 2 lap + 7min ahead of 2nd car.
    * It is very dark inside Nurburgring GP/F track at nights. But finally I could manage it.
  9. tony_panda


    dont want to be unpolite, but its s**. Drive RedBulll against LM Race cars is stupid, and why have u added some cooments on the screenshots! lol
  10. DK

    DK Premium

    ^ He's just providing some basic facts for anyone who wants to take on the 24hr race.
  11. CasadoGT


    I think that was just a case of putting the controller down, having a break for a bit knowing he could catch up
  12. Crowood


    That were my thoughts too in the beginning, now i know why many ppl take that totally OP X1 car:

    They do it, so they must not drive 24 hours. Means, driving so much lead over the next car, that they can stand the last few hours infront of the finish line and don´t play.

    I would not do it, my plans are to drive that race with the Falken R34 race car.
  13. SlyckTires


    Got to admit, if I was going to use the Bull for this, I'd probably pack in after I'd done more laps than the competition could hope to do in the full 24.

    I noticed rather unsurprisingly that the car was well battered in the pitstop shots.

    The dumbest thing for me is the huge XP payout that is of no use whatsoever. Makes me wonder whether either level 40 wasn't the original ceiling or that this race was meant to be run sooner in a career.

    Plus the money is a bit weak for all that effort. You could make the same after a few hours grinding or running Dream Car twice.

    Not that I want to diminish your effort. Congrats for having completed this.

    Just wondering, what was your longest single stint and how long did it take to complete in real time?
  14. bLAKESTER 97

    bLAKESTER 97

    I don't see the pont in using the X1, it still takes the same amount of time!:dopey:
  15. hawk2201


    Guys !
    This thread only provide the realistic & basic info for ensure that you will win the last endurance race.

    Worth or not that up to you ! :idea:
    But one thing for sure that " never try you will never know "

    Did you found other thread about this subject? ( After five months later )
    Obviously only few take the action instead of talking.:tup:

    By the way there are two other modle worth to recomend
    " Toyota GT one " & " Bentley speed 8".:tup::tup::tup:

    Good luck for who prepare for that ! :cool:
  16. SLW-SVT

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    United States
    Thanks for this walkthrough, I am currently 18 hrs in with a best lap of 4:59..you've given me quite a challenge of 4:54...hopefully the rain clears up soon so I can finally try to crack that time some more:tup:
  17. timpoole247


    the 24hr race is actually dissapointingly easy.. i was 14 hours into the race using the Nissan GT-R R35 Touring Car. After already sitting on the side of the track for about 4 hours I was still 30+ laps ahead, even against LMP1's (Bently Speed 8 etc).. then the power went down and i hadnt saved it so lost it all :(

    now doing it with the X2011 proto. Had done 12 hours, been 100% wet since the start. Went to sleep, woke up 6 hours later.. still in the lead by 2 laps. Six hours to go.. by my calculations if i race for another 4 hours, they shouldnt b able to overtake me.. meaning 16 hours of racing out of 24. The main problem with the X2011 is the ammount of fuel it uses. 4 laps to a tank of fuel.. the tyres are barely even worn in those 4 laps (in the rain anyway running F:Soft / R:Soft)

    As for lap times, the fastest lap of the ring was about 3:30. And the F1 ring about 1:00 (X2011 times) so theoretically about 4:30 is the quickest you could do on the 24hr layout. My best so far is 4.53.582 with 2 spins on that lap and in the wet. On average id say I do about 5:15.

    Back to my original rant, the AI isn't quick enough in any of the endurance races. Penalties should have been turned on and I think (judging by online races) the grip reduction on the edge of the track is still on low.

    One thing I would like to see for GT6 is different AI strategy. At the moment they do standard CPU lap times. It would be nice to see them do longer and short stints (4 laps flat out or 8 laps going easy) for example. Or even make fuel loads actually effect the car, so for example.. at monaco you short fuel and put softs on in 1 stop to maintain track position and then fuel longer and put hards on in the next.
  18. MustangCobra95


    United States
    I'm currently doing this race in a Red Bull X11, 11.5 hours into race at the time of this post. When does the sky start getting brighter?