Nyko dual shock style grip for the PSP 2000

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    I'm not sure if this has been posted anywhere in this forum section but, this is a must get for PlayStation Portable 2000. (unless you have something else similiar to it already). p.s. there is also a PSP 1000 version available too.

    Nyko item#85038-M31


    It is a PS controller style grip for your PSP.

    Must get for PSP + GT PSP. I've had mine grip for my PSP 2001 for over a year now. Basically, it is a psp style grip where you can attach your psp in to it. Another plus is that the grip also has an internal battery that gives your an additinal 3-6 hours of playtime. There is a short wire that comes out form the right bottom side and plugs into the psp ac/dc port.

    Although this grip isnt perfect, there were some modification i had to do. This grip can slide in together when in compact storage mode. This makes it kind of loose when your PSP is stationed inside, so what I did was took 2 CABOB sticks and cut them in length with the grip slid fully out. I took some scotch tape and taped them so in the back to prevent the grip from sliding in for storage mode.

    Then i also had to add some extra padding onto the part where the PSP battery would sit; plus the opposite side (x, o, square, triangle). No big deal because my PSP will always be attached to this grip.

    Anyways sorry for this long post and short review.