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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by RedOak, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. RedOak


    Watching those new TGS videos brings out a worry. I see a lot of off-track activity, mainly people going straight through sandpits and grass and barely slow down or lose control.

    Furthermore, there doesn't seem to be any video demos of real racing rules .yet., so this makes me a bit worried, mostly for online play.

    Has there been any word about this, i don't recall reading much onto the subject.

    For a good reference, watch the latest video with that Citroen GT on LaSarthe... the guy just goes straight through pits and barely loose speed... :(
  2. SgtWhitten


    I agree, I want to see what has been done with the penalty system. There was excitement about the flags that were seen in the TT demo but nothing has been seen of them since.
  3. To be honest, i wouldn't expect any mention of rules in public demos. They are mostly all time limited and are not really a race. Plus, if you were to look at the skills of most people playing the demos, rules would just annoy them and take away from the experience.

    We know flags are in, we know rules already exist in prologue and the TT demo also had rules.
    We know Kaz has mentioned about the challenge of incorporating all the NASCAR rules.

    I wouldn't think it's worth worrying about.
  4. Zer0

    Zer0 (Banned)

    Mainly because are played with standard physics.

    Pro physics:

  5. Patrocles


    hmmmm...this is worrisome. That is one of my big problems with GT5P in that when I go off track on grass, sand, kitty litter, I do not lose much speed.

    as you mentioned this is a good recipe for cheating...why stay on the track when you can cut across the kitty litter without scrubbing any speed! LOL

  6. Patrocles


    hopeful! It could be that the guy is merely keeping the power down the entire time! haha but I hope not and he is losing traction when he hits the grass.
  7. mykem

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    Did you try the GT Academy TT demo- you can't even touch the grass without losing traction. And the sand slows you down a lot.
  8. Dapper

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    Any serious, sanctioned races will have stewards. So, no worries here. 32 people present for a 16 car race can be useful for more than just entertainment. :)

    But besides that, all the guys on my PS3 friends list don't cheat anyways.
  9. Masi_23


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    Chill. It's a demo. I've gone through sandtraps coming to adenauer forst and i can confirm that they work just fine. Grass are evil too. If you dip your tires on them in a certain angle, say goodbye to being straight (no pun intended). Again, it's a demo.
  10. NoonenF1


    I am curious about racing online. Will everyone setup their cars for unrealistic drifting and throwing down insane lap times like what was done in GT5:p? Or will people actually drive the cars, like in real-life. Also in GT5:p it seemed like I was always getting punted into walls and then suffering penalties because I was forced into the wall so hard. If I want to race like that I'll play Modnation. Perhaps damage will put an end to those tactics...

    When the game comes out hopefully I'll befriend some GTPers on the PSN that will race competitively and respectfully.
  11. SFX_Adavicro


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    I expect the penalty system to be highly detailed with an immense amount of depth/polish by the time of release. Im sure every possible situation has been combed over more times to count. Lets just hope its well balanced, which Im sure it will be.
  12. regnar

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    Unfortunately none of the demos up to this point have given us game play in the career mode where the penalty system can be seen.
    This one area the TGS didn't touch on, will the penalty system return from prologue or a different system using flags somewhat seen in the Time Trial demo.
  13. A friend of mine raised these concerns last night. As I told him I feel the reason for this is because its a demo. Im fairly confident PD will have a penalty system that will prevent cheating and I feel sure each track will be throughly tested to make sure there isn't any areas that can be cheated on. Im confident because PD know cheating can really spoil the online experience not just for racing but hotlapping also.