Official Riding Forms Thread.

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    The Official Riding Form Thread

    If you're looking for Riding forms or wanting to share some, then this is the right place. We'll take any and all riding forms, requested or unrequested. Don't be shy. If you have some forms that you enjoy riding, we want to see them!

    A few ground rules and an explanation of how this place works:

    If you cannot find the settings you are looking for, please PM me your request. Posting it is not necessary. This will conserve bandwidth and space, and will also make updates much easier for me.


    Copy and paste the pattern below. And follow this guide.

    * State the bike and track this riding form is for. ( If its a general riding form just put General at the top)
    * Write a little description about the handling characteristics of the bike.
    * Insert the correct numbers where there are 0's.
    * Read all your post looking for errors.

    '05 bike name and track OR General riding form

    Head Roll Angle: 0
    Head Pitch Angle: 0
    Torso Roll Angle: 0
    Torso Yaw Angle: 0
    Body Lean (full bank): 0
    Riders arm angle: 0
    Seat Position (forward/back): 0
    Lateral Slide: 0
    Vertical Slide: 0
    Leg Angle: 0
    Body Lean (upright): 0

    Post riding forms in individual posts

    After you post your form, please PM me a link to your post, and please, use the complete bike name and track OR if its general just state General instead of a bike name.

    Example 1: '05 Honda CBR1000RR Racing Modify @ Nurburgring
    Example 2: General Riding Form

    If you post a requested form, let me know. I'll erase the request.

    This thread will be updated every few days.
  2. 750F-RM


    United Kingdom
    hi :) this is my General Riding Form

    Head Roll Angle: 70
    Head Pitch Angle: -4.0
    Torso Roll Angle: 0
    Torso Yaw Angle: 0
    Body Lean (full bank): 25
    Riders arm angle: 50
    Seat Position (forward/back) -3.0
    Lateral Slide: 25
    Vertical Slide: 0
    Leg Angle: 50
    Body Lean (upright): 25
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    fwiw - the default lean body style seems to be fairly common and usefull.

    though itd be nice to know what each form adjustment does. i know in another thread it had a nifty little one way make it more manuverable and the other for speed. but, how does it make it more manu? does it increase turn in or lower understeer at the apex/exit?