"One-handed Steering Wheel?"

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  1. Hello,

    A friend lost their right hand about 4 years ago in an accident. They had been right-handed. They are still able and licensed to drive an automatic however (sometimes using a Steering Wheel Spinner attachment like this one).

    They are very interested in buying a Playstation 3 console and a steering wheel, and getting into racing games like Gran Turismo 5: Prologue for example.

    What they would like to know is:

    1) whether it's even possible to get good gameplay, with only the left hand, out of PS3 games like Gran Turismo 5: Prologue using a steering wheel. Are they simply unplayable or too frustrating with only the left hand?

    2) can a particular steering wheel be recommended as being most-friendly for use with only the left hand, and preferrably without the use of pedals. If pedal use is unavoidable however, so be it and please tell me more. If controller key customisations would be required too, please tell me more.

    We both would be really grateful if anyone can help answers these questions. I can't tell you how much it would mean to us. I don't own a PS3 myself and haven't played GT5:prologue so I don't know what to tell them. I understand that my friend may have to experiment/trial equipment somewhat and see what works for them but they need some suggestions to start with and can't afford to buy lots of different equipment to try.

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    Thank you for your time.

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  2. Greycap

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    Most definitely not unplayable or frustrating but I'd say pedals are a must. Most wheels have a couple of buttons in reach on the left side, three would be needed. One for shifting up, one for shifting down, one for reverse. Driving with an automatic gearbox would make it easier. About being right handed and having to steer with the left, that shouldn't be a probllem of any kind as that's what I do out of preference with my right hand being on the shifter 98% of the time and the 2% is for changing the grip on long straights.

    I've used only the DFP and G25 but the DFGT would fall into the same category. The 900 degree steering shouldn't be seen as a negative thing despite only having one hand, it's only a matter of getting used to it.
  3. waggles


    A DFEX might solve 900 degrees being too much.
    180 degrees of logitech greatness.
    Takes a pounding, too.
  4. Using pedals will probably be the best solution as otherwise they would have to steer + Accelerate + Brake with one hand which IMO is not possible to do in a fun way.

    If it were me, I would get a DFGT and put one of those steering ball things you linked to onto it.

    The only problem with this solution is if they wanted to shift manually as the shifter is on the right side of the wheel. Although the shifter only moves forward and back so it might be possible to do it just with the right arm?

    The pressure needed to press the gearstick on the DFGT is pretty low and having tested it I can use it just by putting my forearm on top.
  5. Radracing

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    I think the Logitech Driving Force GT model would do, but with some modification for the pedals just like any handicap attachment in a real car. I wouldn't know if your friend would know someone that could do that for them but that would be the best way to do it. As far as being to difficult, that's entirely up to his ability to cope with the adjustment to the game. There are different settings that you can set the game according to skill level so I'm sure he can start out with automatic transmission and other aids like traction control , steering assist, ABS etc. so all he has to focus on is his driving with his left hand and the pedals. If he can't work the pedals with his legs then some type of attachment to it to some part of his body to modulate the gas and brake. Hope this helps.

    Alex Zanardi a race car driver who lost both his legs in a car crash is still racing to this day with some help of some driver aids to the steering wheel and manages to win races. So I think anything is posiible it's just a matter of passion to the individual. So if your friend loves driving, he should have no problem overcoming the frustration. Good Luck.
  6. daan

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    But he still brakes with his left leg, and has 2 hands.

    Using only 1 hand to steer, accelerate and brake, (never mind changing gear) is not going to be possible without the use of pedals.
  7. Radracing

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    We don't really know the extent of the persons disabilities so dependent on how you can workout the pedal attachment to the body you can't say it's not possible. You can also maybe workout the button configuration, maybe assign one button for gas, the other for brake but that would be either full on or full off the gas and brake. but nothing is impossible. Even connecting the head movement to modulate the gas and brake is a possibility.
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  8. Tnerb


    The most popular wheels are made by Logitech. A Driving Force GT would be great. The wheel is very affordable and I have one and love it. Accelerate and brake can be mapped without pedals, but using them would be much easier/fun if possible. Driving in automatic shouldn't be too hard, considering he can drive a real car. Good luck.
  9. Coxis

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    I disagree there. I think a very sensible choice over the DFGT is a Driving Force Pro. Why? because its 900-degree steering can be hardware-overriden by pressing a series of buttons whereas the DFGT can only be used in 900-degree mode (that is if the software doesn't provide an option to change it, which GT5P does not provide). Having lost his right hand, I'm sure that using a Driving Force Pro on 270-degree steering mode would be easier for him. Either that or an older model, like the DFEX.
  10. Tnerb


    Good point. I didn't really think about that. But really, there isn't may times where I really have to twist far in 900 degree mode in GT5:p. Only a few corners at Eiger and the hairpin at Suzuka, but you could get away with one hand.