Online improvements you'd like to see in GT6?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by awr117, Aug 1, 2012.

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    First off, sorry if there is a thread out there already going over the online.

    For me, the GT series should focus mainly on improving the online play. I'm assuming we can expect 16 maximum players if the game is released on the PS3. If they wait till the PS4, I'm hoping they can find a way to increase the number to at least 24. Although I'd much rather see 32. This would seriously improve league play and make racing much more realistic.

    Add a pace car, cautions and remove auto drive while pitting. Implement speeding penalties for exceeding the speed limit while on pit lane.

    Dedicated servers. Pretty sure GT5 is not using them.

    Implement a qualifying system

    Allow all car tuning, weight removal and oil changes while in the online lounge.

    Implement an online point / ranking system. I'm not fully up to speed with iRacing. But i'd like to see a system implemented kinda how they run theirs.

    Chat window. Move this to the top of the screen. It gets in the way during races and makes seeing the turn in point for left hand turns a nightmare.

    What would you guys like to see?
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    Something like Battlelog, we sign in to a GTlog site and see every bit of information about your driving, your cars, races, your best car, your shift times, how you deal with your tires, your best tracks
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