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Rule 12
Firstly, this forum is for posting about online racing events and leagues. This could be a one-off race you want to hold, a more organised themed league over multiple meetings, or a club with varying interests - or any mixture thereof.

This forum is not for posting about just anything at all involving the online component of GT Sport. If you have a query about Daily Races, FIA events, or any aspect of public online racing such as Driver Rating/Sportsmanship Rating, this goes in the main GT Sport forum.

When creating a thread in this forum, please remember that you are posting about an event within this community for this community. This forum is not to be used as a recruiting post for other communities, whether it's a PSN Community, a website, or anything else external to GTPlanet. Posting here solely to advertise an external entity, or for recruitment for your own purposes, is considered advertising/solicitation, which is prohibited by our Acceptable Use Policy.

Anything that does not meet the following two criteria may be removed, and the user who posted it may be permanently banned from the site:

* Our members must be able to get all the information they need to be involved (schedule, regulations, results) here on GTPlanet, without clicking any links to take them away from this site.
* Our members will not be required to sign up to anything outside of GTPlanet in order to participate.

There is no prohibition on posting external sources of information and participation, as long as they are optional or supplementary. For example, several leagues find a game-chat app to be helpful in organising events, and it's perfectly fine to post a link to that, but it is not fine to require our users to join it in order to participate in the event.

Exceptions may be made by prior arrangement only. If you wish to advertise your events, please contact GTPlanet directly beforehand, and we will discuss our requirements and rates where applicable. Forgiveness is not easier to ask for than permission...
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