Opinions on my fanmade Pokemon Drawings?

Discussion in 'Art & Photography' started by RESHIRAM5, Sep 19, 2015.



    Not sure on how many People know but I love to create things via drawing, whether it be, creatures or Video Game Levels and Ideas. Especially Race Tracks.

    Though I have been developing my own custom Pokedex, filled with my own created Pokemon for a long time. I finished these off last year and have already made a Gallery Album of it https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/media/albums/reshiram5-pokedex.194/

    I'm happy with most of them, but as I continue to expand the Pokedex and improve, I wonder if these are any good in any one else's eyes. I told some of my friends at school but I can't tell if their praise are honest.

    So I'm wondering if I could get some GTP Opinion on these drawings.