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    I'm looking for someone who's interested in streaming the ORA WEC races. Races are held on Sunday's lobby opens at 10am PST. I have races set up where I will have room for a streamer. Also I have the OriginalCheezIt and TeamCZRRacing willing to commentate the race as its being live streamed.
    Here is our calendar and time of our races. If you have any questions about the series here is the forum for the series or you can PM me and I will answer them. If anyone is interested please start a private convo with me, TeamCZRRacing, OriginalCheezIt so we can discuss on how to stream and all the details. Note: I don't plan on having the Preseason race to be streamed only the main races of the season.


    Race series is schedule to start early June of 2015

    Preseason Test

    June 7th 1.5 hours of Midfield (Preseason)

    Main season

    June 14th 1.5 Hours of Silverstone (6 hour simulation)

    June 21st 1.5 Hours of Spa (6 hour simulation into the night)

    June 28th Le Mans test. no points, optional.

    July 5th 2 Hours of Le Mans (24 hour simulation) double points

    July 12 1.5 hours of Fuji

    July 19 1.5 hours of Monza

    Time table:
    Races will be held on Sundays. All times are in PDT. Pacific Daylight Time

    10:00 or 10am ➤ Room Opens

    10:40 or 10:40am ➤ Reg Checks

    11:00 or 11am ➤ Qualifying begins

    11:20 or 11:20am ➤ Race starts/rolling start

    12:50 or 12:50pm ➤ Race ends (except for Le Mans race)

    13:20 or 1:20pm ➤ Le Mans race ends​
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    I just want to point out that the broadcaster should also have at least a decent Internet connection to prevent issues. While we'll probably be using GTP's live race feed feature to commentate, it always helps when everyone has the fastest connection possible.
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