Organising a gt7sp tournament /w sponsors

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Are we allowed to organise gt7sp tournaments

  1. yes, but without monetising it

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  2. yes, even when content is monetised

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  3. you should figure out a way to contact them

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  4. no

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  1. droogt


    Hi there,

    New user, but got recommended this place to ask the following question(s):

    A friend and myself are organising a sponsored gt7sp tournament for a weekly youtube series. I've been told I need permission to do so when we're working with sponsors. Seems pretty weird to me since other games don't require permission to do so (League of legends, CS:GO, ...) as we'll just be creating private lobbies.

    It feels like I've checked everywhere but there seems to way I can contact Gran Turismo, Polyphony Digital or Sony Interactive Entertainment regarding organising a tournament. I've also found nothing on their website that mentions anything about this.

    So my questions are as following:
    Am I allowed to organise a tournament?
    Am I allowed to organise sponsored tournaments /w prizes?
    Am I allowed to organise tournaments /w prizes (paid myself)?
    Would this be different than a famous streamer doing some open lobbies with ads on screen?
    Any idea who I should be contacting this about this?

    Thanks in advance and I appreciate your time!