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Discussion in 'Project CARS 1' started by commanderr, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. commanderr


    I've just spent 1 hour racing 55 laps of the second formula a race and ran out of fuel with 12 laps to go... Is this a bug or have done something wrong? I never change setups or anything. Really pissed about this as I could do nothing about it because I couldnt refuel... Game locked up after chosing skip to end of session as well.
  2. psychoazubi


    You may need to adjust the fuel for the race in the setup menu.
  3. commanderr


    How do I do this exactly? I looked in the setup menu and the fuel was set at 240l which was the maximum I think. I'm completely lost in the interface about setups / pit strategy and I think it's pretty weird that a car is not at least given enough fuel to finish the race if a user uses the default settings. I'm not really looking forward to the remainer of the season if this happens every race in de formula a :)
  4. Alex holloway

    Alex holloway

    u may have the fuel usage set to real therefor being aggressive on the throttle and KERS will drain the fuel usage. try it on slow and see if it's better.
  5. Emmcee


    It's all about being strategic. Selecting the amount of fuel which will be enough but also not over load which will add weight and make the car heavier which will eat your tyres quicker and it snowballs from there. You need to strategise when you will pit and when to have laps to really go for it. Don't have to use kers every lap if you have a decent gap, use it to defend or attack. This will save fuel also, lift and Coast, short shift. Things like this all help but it's experience on when to apply the required techniques that will either pay of or not, that's what I love about real f1
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