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    We are looking for more Australian & New Zealand clean racer's to participate in our new series listed below.
    always a new series being run, and we also play other games.

    Main Forum - http://ozfm.darkbb.com/

    New members intro thread - http://ozfm.darkbb.com/f2-new-members

    V8 Supercar events - http://ozfm.darkbb.com/f8-v8-events

    GP2 (Indy cars with 50% power handicap) series available for sign ups here - http://ozfm.darkbb.com/t...-gp2-championship#84400

    GT Endurance series - http://ozfm.darkbb.com/f...-series-saturday-nights

    Casual Events - http://ozfm.darkbb.com/f272-casual-events

    more series to look forward too -
    Muscle Car series (B600)
    Ariel Atom series (fully modified, 60% power handicap, drag tyres)
    V8 Supercar series
    Commodore cup
    1970's Nascar grand national series
    AUSCAR series
    And many more (have an idea pitch it and I can help you get it started)

    we also have random testing of the series cars or just public lobby racing.

    Here is a recent GT enduro

    I have been testing an oval series here> http://ozfm.darkbb.com/t4347-testing-new-oval-series#85395
    it is surprisingly challenging for turning left and going fast, it is forced sim steering, cockpit view, no assists, race line off. And the build restrictions are below and in the thread

    Front engine
    Forza aero
    Drag tyres
    ATS classic wheels
    Race drivetrain
    Race brakes
    Race springs
    Race anti roll bars
    Race chassis roll cage

    Hope to see some new members enjoying some close clean racing :)
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    It's a good bunch ;)