Pace Car leading the racers before the race start

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(First of all, i tried to find any thread that had to do with this but i couldn't find anything so please if there's a thread about this before then make these 2 thread into single one).

This is one Step closer to Realism and i think it's a nice touch to the Race Start. It would be cool if there's a safety Car leading in the front with the racers in the back and then just before the race starts, The pace car would go into the pit land and the race would start. Also if there's a very heavy Rain and Fog then a Pace Car will come out and lead it's way with the Racers slowing down.

We already had the Nissan Skyline GT-R Pace Car (thought it's Standard) and couple months ago we have just got the BMW M4 Safety Car. New different types of Pace Car would be welcomed.

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It is definitely a good idea - for rolling-start races only, that is...

Hopefully, soon, standing-start races make a comeback to GT! Rolling starts are an American (mostly) thing...

We tried them in Australia without success - neither drivers or spectators liked them!

That being said, there are some occasions where a rolling-start is workable and/or necessary and the pace car leading them off is an integral part of that process!

I actually made this suggestion some time ago, but I could not be bothered looking for it to provide the link...
Nothing wrong with rolling starts, and adding a pace car would be really nice. But how about giving the players some control during those rolling starts. Some online clubs do it manually already, adding some electronically assisted accountability to that would make it a more viable, and desirable option.
It would also be cool if we got to go out of the pits and drive a lap around the track behind the pace car before the race starts, but of course be able to disable the 1-lap feature.
It won't make much difference if it's another game full of the player starting last a couple of minutes behind 1st place!