Paid DLC to seemingly increase credit limit to 100 million

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by Sander 001, Nov 22, 2019.

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  1. Sander 001

    Sander 001

    This is part of the Lewis Hamilton Time Trial DLC, available in the PSN shop November 28. I take this to mean it will be paid.

    "Here's some good news for players who are at the in-game credits limit: Achieving a Gold or better in all challenges will upgrade the limit from the original 20 million to 100 million!"

    I don't mind paying for good game expansions but monetization of quality of life features is kind of bogus.

    Here's all the text of the DLC

    GT SPORT Community
    Gran Turismo® Sport
    11/22/2019Challenge Lewis Hamilton's Lap Times! Tweet Share
    Lewis Hamilton is calling you out!
    This single player game mode allows you to challenge the best lap times set by none other than the Gran Turismo Sport Maestro and six-time F1 World Drivers Champion Lewis Hamilton, who personally threw down these lap times in Gran Turismo Sport!
    In addition to the challenges themselves, the package includes replays and video tutorials by Lewis, where you can learn directly from the Maestro himself. Clearing the events will result in various bonuses, such as special cars and an unlock for the in-game credits limit.
    This DLC will be available at the PS Store on November 28.
    Lewis Hamilton Time Trial Challenge
    Package ContentTen Challenges
    A total of ten challenges with the Mercedes-AMG GT3 and the Sauber Mercedes C9 await you.
    • Dragon Trail - Seaside
    • Autodromo Lago Maggiore - GP
    • Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit
    • Willow Springs International Raceway: Big Willow
    • Suzuka Circuit
    • Autodromo Nazionale Monza
    • Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit
    • Autódromo de Interlagos
    • Nürburgring GP
    • Nürburgring Nordschleife
    Practice Makes PerfectReplays and Ghosts of Lewis
    In all of these challenges, you can watch replays and activate Lewis' ghost car. You can also check driving data such as braking points and throttle operations as many times as you like. And even if his ghost car leaves you behind, you can position the Ghost back near the your location at every sector, and even set an offset time (in seconds) with the Ghost to mimic racing against Lewis in person!
    Strategy Guide
    Some tracks come with a video tutorial where Lewis provides advice. Learn a World Champion's techniques!
    Lewis will comment on your performance with voice messages. Even if you are a beginner, he will give you motivation to keep trying!
    Compete and RecordOnline Rankings
    "Friend Rankings" and the Top 10 Stars’ rankings will be available for each of the ten challenges. You can compete against Lewis Hamilton, as well as against players from all over the world!
    Replay Sharing
    Saved replays of your challenges can be shared online. It’s also possible to watch replays shared by other users.
    RewardsAward Credits
    Setting lap times with a Bronze or better will award you in-game credits. Clearing all challenges will also score you even more bonus credits!
    Unlocking the Credit Limit Cap
    Here's some good news for players who are at the in-game credits limit: Achieving a Gold or better in all challenges will upgrade the limit from the original 20 million to 100 million!
    Car Rewards
    Cars will be awarded as special rewards for each challenge achievement level. Users who succeed in clearing the harder conditions will receive a special prize with a design supervised by Lewis Hamilton's very own "Project 44" team!
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    talhaONE (Banned)

    People asking for increased credit limit from the beggining. Now here it is. Except you need to buy the dlc.
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