Pal/Euro Mix Up with Cheat Disk

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    First post, might aswell be a good one.

    Ok, an interesting story, so, I dug out my Sony Ps1, big grey model, just how i like them, I dig out my cheat disk, << I think it's that. Anyway, I put my cheat disk in, and, i've always seen that there's two Gran Turismos. Gran Turismo & Gran Turismo (Euro) Now, since 2000 I've never used the Euro one, so, I put on a few cheats, Infinite cash, licences and gimme cars.

    So i start up Gran Turismo with GT(Euro) cheats, and when i get to the Gran Turismo main screen, with the car dealers and the awesome music, no sound, none at all, also, the Honda dealer is now Honda/Acura, which anyone who has the Pal version knows is just labelled as Honda, so, i decide to buy a few cars, and, i don't get the ones i selected, I put this down to the "Gimme Cars" cheat i whacked on, other little things had changed aswell, the weight of my cars was in lb, my car also changed when i entered the race, I was in a Sprinter Trueno, then i was in a Gt Apex something or rather, another toyota anyways, I also had "Dumb Opponents" on with the cheat disk aswell, forgot to mention, so i won the race, and yeah, got some cash, but that didn't really matter because i had infinite cash, so this was strange, quite freaked me to say the least, SO! What i do is this, saved the game on my card 2, reset the console, my game from card one loads up, I don't want this, so i load up the Pal/Euro mixup game from my Card 2, and a few little things were now as the should be, Honda was just Honda, still no sound however, big shame, considering GT1 has the best music, I plan to continue investigating this today.

    When I say "little things" I mean things like, when the "exit" button of a menu is usually a door on the pal version it now simply said "exit". And where it tells you what car you're driving, there's usually a little picture of a car, whereas when it was Euro/Pal Mixup, it simply said "My Car"

    So! If anyone else has experienced this or, has the exploder cheat disk and wants to experience it, or anyone who can shine a light down here! :)

    AND BREATHE.......!