PC HARDWARE requirements and advice from the players

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I play ACC on ps4 and on ps5 with my G29. I'm quite happy but the next gen version is a little bit unstable. And all the world says that the pc version is better!

I have a laptop with these hardware:

16 GB ddr4
GeForce GTX 1650ti 4GB ddr6
ssd 512

Reading on some website that my configuration can do the work (medium/low). I will use my tv - LG 50" hdmi2.1

Could be the trojan horse to re-enter after my AMD thunderbird era (too much years passed away)
How do you think? The game before Monday is on sale and with all the DLC is under 30€...

thank you for you time and opinions!
You should probably visit Kunos official forums to ask that.

I can only give you comparison: I tested ACC on a mobile RTX3070:
  • 4k, epic preset, DLSS quality mode enabled: locked 60fps (limits of the screen I was using)
  • 1600p, epic preset, DLSS quality mode enabled: 90+ fps when running solo, 75-85fps in the middle of a 25 car grid

now DLSS is not available to you, but if you don't mind setting the graphics to below Epic preset and running at less than 4k I'm sure you can get it playable. PC gaming is all about tweaking for performance versus visuals.

besides, Steam has a 2 hour refund option. Buy it via Steam, play around with visuals and performance for 110 minutes, refund if not feasible.
thank you skazz!

I will try!

Kunos site said that my pc is between the minimum requirements and the recommended