[PC] Premier Racing Series APAC is looking for drivers to join!


Premier Racing Series is a racing league ran on the F1 game based in Asia/Oceania..​

Discord: discord.gg/h9rNkcq

Sign ups : http://bit.ly/PRS-Sign-up


Ping must be under 220ms to a Brisbane speedtest.net server. Drivers with a ping higher than this will need to resolve ping issues before racing.

Time Trials:

Drivers must be within 104% of the fastest time submitted to be allowed entry to race. Anything slower than this on a specific track will not allow the driver to race until they can improve. Time trials must be submitted with the assists you claimed to use in the sign-up sheet.

Time trial submissions : https://bit.ly/PRS-Time-Trial

Time Trial Tracks:

  • Spain Dry
  • Brazil Wet
Starting time:

  • (Sunday's 20:00 AEDT / 17:00 SGT / 14.30 IST)
Session Options:

  • Qualifying: Short Qualifying
  • Race Distance: 50%
  • Quick Weather: Dynamic
  • Session Start Time: Official
Race Settings:

  • Car Performance: Equal
  • Parc Fermé Rules: On
  • Collisions: On
  • Vehicle Damage: Full
  • Safety Car and Virtual Safety Car: On
  • Rules and Flags: On
  • Corner Cutting Stringency: Strict
  • Formation Lap: On
  • Race Starts: Manual
  • ERS Mode: Manual
Assists Restrictions:
Assists restrictions will depend on the outcome of what assists the majority of signups use. If over 75% use a set of assists, the other 25% of people who signed up will need to learn to drive without these assists. For example, if 75% of signups used No ABS, Med TC and Racing Line, the other 25% who use Full TC or ABS will need to learn to drive without these assists. PLEASE NOTE PIT ASSISTS, AUTOMATIC ERS AND BRAKING ASSISTS ARE NOT PERMITTED DISREGARDING SIGNUPS



If you want to know more about our league then please comment below! You can sign up by joining our Discord which is linked below!


Or contact us to get involved!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PremierRacingS
Discord: pencil#4002

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