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Hi guys,

Is there a PS4 (GTplanet) community for PC2? I've set up a community for myself, where i can invite all the decent (no wreckingballs, skills are irrelevant) players i meet online, so we can maybe try and set up some online lobby races whenever some people are online.

Not sure if this already exists (if so, please invite me :D). I usually play these tracks / classes, but always open for others:

GT3 / GTE / LMP1
Monza/RBR/Oschersleben A/Hochenheim/LagunaSeca

I was thinking of setting up a championship, but thats alot of work to pull off if you want it to be succesfull. And i can't guarantee to be online at given dates/times. With a community, you can just invite people you know into your lobby and have some racing fun with people you "know".

Maybe i'm just re-inventing the (thrustmaster) wheel here, so please give me your input. If you want me to add you to the community, please share your PS4 tag.

Regards, AvolA


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Good idea @AvolA. It would be be nice to have a group of like minded PC2 enthusiasts. Once you got to know how everyone raced, abilities, speed, aggressiveness etc it would become more comfortable racing against them. It's always a bit of an uncertainty racing against "unknowns". I run lobbies and people often pop in with some becoming more regular. But it's a bit random.

I run completely different races to your choices @AvolA :). It would be good to have a selection of different options to pick from to make PC2 more attractive online.

I'll take the opportunity to put an advert in here.
I use the shorter often unused tracks in lower powered (fairly) easy to control cars. 5 to 7 laps of fun but clean racing. There's no qualy or practice. If you have a bad race there's always another along shortly - so don't rage quit. ;)

I don't have many penalties or the licences activated and run default setups - so that might put some off that then think it might be a free for all. But it's not, and people would get to know that if they stayed.

Here's the track list I tend to stick to (some DLC). Randomly generated generally, but I make allowances for the number of participants.

1) Barcelona National - 1.90 miles
2) Barcelona Club - 1.05 miles *
3) C.O.T.A Club - 1.23 *
4) Dubai Club - 1.52
5) Hockenheim Short - 1.63
6) Lydden Hill - 0.90 *
7) Mojave Sidewinder - 1.65 *
8) Mojave Gila Crest - 2.15 *
9) Mugello Short - 1.41
10) Nurbergring Mullenbach - 0.92 *
11) Nurbergring Sprint short - 1.90
12) Oschersleben B course - 1.51
13) Porsche Leipzig short - 1.36 *
14) Red Bull Ring National - 1.45
15) Red Bull Ring Club - 1.14 *
16) Ruapuna Park Club - 1.41
17) Raupuna B circuit - 0.99 *
18) Sakitto National - 1.92
19) Sakitto International - 1.76
20) Silverstone National - 1.63
21) Snetterton 100 - 0.99 *
22) Sonoma Short - 1.94
23) Texas Infield - 1.36
24) Willow Springs Horse Thief mile - 0.99
25) Monza short - 0.99
26) Knockhill International reverse - 1.29 miles (12 max)
27) Cadwell Park GP - 2.16 miles (12 max)
* No pits (practice)

Car 1. The Olsberg RX supercar lite. Because it's great to throw around and suits the short tracks particularly well. Use the circuit setup or you'll be bouncing off the rev limiter on some tracks.

Car 2. The Radical SR3-RS. Lots of downforce so you can corner more quickly but watch the kerbs, it doesn't like them. Stable setup is probably more er, stable. Pick whichever suits though.

1st race car 1. 2nd race car 2. 3rd race car 2. 4th race car 1. 5th race car 1. Etc. So except for the 1st race you keep the car for 2 races.

Other cars do get used occasionally.

If you, or anyone, sees me on the list pop in and have a go. Often Wednesday or Friday evenings but I might do it more regularly.
PSN is also IfAndOr.

championship, but that's a lot of work to pull off if you want it to be successful.
It is! @Sick Cylinder :bowdown:.
I was thinking of doing the same, maybe one day.
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That sounds really amazing! I will add you on PSN to easily spot you when you're hosting a lobby.

I have opened a topic about a league which i am thinking of hosting. Nothing spectacular, just a low bar league. No fancy tracks or cars in the beginning, to also get the newcomer (if there still are any :P) to join the league. We'll see how that turns out hahah

Edit: unfortunately, i cannot send you an invite :( Maybe you can invite me? Tag: AvolA1987


Still here.
Shropshire, UK.
XB1:Yes. XBL:No
Edit: unfortunately, i cannot send you an invite :( Maybe you can invite me? Tag: AvolA1987
Oops, yes that was the case. PSN settings altered, anyone can send a request now. I'll send you one anyway.
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I’d be interested if you all will be doing lobbies or things like that. Not sure if the time differences will be good for me participating in a structured league. But if you all get together for casual race lobbies in between, I would be down. It would make me happy to find a group of clean racers.