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    Hi, although probably a bit older than most I am new to Pcars2 online, I started looking for races maybe 2 weeks ago.

    It's not been easy, I did manage to progress through the ranks from U to E (numbers are stil in the 1500, top so far was 1588), and of course there are many tracks I barely know. Not into formulas (old guy, slow reflexes, smooth driving is my only chance here ;) ).

    My cars of choice are either the Bentley GT3 (somehow I seem to be the only one liking that car) or the Caterham, I do love that litle bugger. But I'm all for trying different cars and kinds of cars.

    My main problem is how much time I lose until I finally manage to find a lobby with decent drivers where I can spend a couple of hours switching between tracks and/or cars. I suppose the best drivers race among themselves in closed lobbies, nothing against that.

    I cannot commit to a league with scheduled races because my life is a bit hectic and unpredictable so I would probably do a few no-shows and that is not correct.

    So, just for casual (and fair, I hate punters with a passion) racing at late night hours during the week (that's my usual), anyone interested please do say, and share your PSN ID so I can send friend requests and we can both send lobby invites whenever online.

    I have two PSN IDs, one is GTP_Hun, used it many times when I was more active in these parts (with Gran Turismo and Ferrari Challenge, years/eons ago). The one I have been using lately is the same as my username here: Hun200kmh. You can add both if you like ( and this interests you).

    Cheers all

    Oh and btw, it's not because I'm portuguese but ... Portimão rules! :p
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