Perfect pedal with bodnar cable

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Mayaman, May 21, 2012.

  1. Mayaman


    I setup my G27 pedals with perfect pedal according to the instructions and now the pedal does not function. Does anyone have any experience with the perfect pedal and the bodnar cable?

    When I go into windows gaming devices it sees the pedals and gas and brake work fine. But the perfect pedal brake is not responsive and doesn't register.

    Any ideas are appreciated. I emailed perfect pedal but no response as of yet.

  2. itrdc5

    Australia Melbourne

    Hey Mayaman, try swapping the red and black wires. You have to do that with older Bodnar cables. Let us know how you go.
  3. Mayaman


    Lol but in the directions it says to make sure black is to red and red to black. So I did swap them on the perfect pedal. Do you mean switch them back to original? It says on the warning this will fry the perfect pedal or your PC. Confused.

    Also I have swapped the gas and clutch red and black back to normal and those pedals are working fine.

  4. Mayaman


    Also I have the newer bodnar cable reverse polarity all built into the slimmer cable. Not the old one with the box.

  5. itrdc5

    Australia Melbourne

    Ah...the very old cable, the one in the box and the one you have are the same, just packaged differently. They are the "old" cable with reversed polarity.

    Just to add to the confusion, the new ones look exactly the same as the previous one but is fully Logitech compliant; ie. no reverse polarity.

    Anyway, fried yet? Sorry, yeah I'm evil... :D

    Seriously, hope it works out and you have fun again with the perfect pedal.
  6. fatkrakr


    I bought my cable a few weeks ago from simsport (not sure that matters) and didnt switch anything and it works great. I had read that some needed the wires reversed and some didnt so I just did the old try it and see what happens.
  7. Mayaman


    OH well, if my computer fries time for a new Alienware. [face_devil]
  8. fatkrakr


    LOL maybe wait a few for a email, not sure where you got it from. Should hear something today. Good news is when you get it working your gonna love it and wonder why you didnt get it sooner. I could really tell the difference. So much easier to hold partial throttle through a corner. Gonna be real intresting to hear your opinion on the new csp v2 compared to this combo. I thought you already had the cable or would of suggested it a few weeks ago.
  9. Mayaman


    Hi Fat, I've had the perfect pedal for months now. I was using it on my modded G27 pedals with my CSR Elite using the fanatec adaptor. Since I've now forgone consoles for PC only I finally am using the Bodnar cable that came with the pedal. So I follow the directions about switching black with red and red with black. Nada. So I'm going to go against the documentation that came with the bodnar stating

    "Under no circumstances use the bodnar cable while the original G27 wiring is in place. You must switch the red and black and cut the ground cable or damage will result to your perfect pedal and PC"

    But going from what others are stating here, as a stand alone pedal it must be kept the way they came. Very confusing.

    And yeah, the perfect pedal is amazing. Literally with my extended pedal arms it feels almost exactly like the brake in my Porsche. Not kidding. Amazing product.
  10. fatkrakr


    I would recomended the bodnar cable to any one using G2x pedals on the pc regardless of the brake upgrade your using. The higher resolution you get for all the pedals is great. Of course I still say perfect pedal is still the best brake upgrade so far. If you already have the pedals upgrading is about the same price as buying new pedals. Take them out of the plastic case mount them how you prefer and you got a great set of pedals that should last you for years to come.
  11. Mayaman


    Have you seen my thread? My G27s are "highly" modified. They were never in their plastic case. :) I actually constructed my own mounting system and extended pedal arms.
  12. itrdc5

    Australia Melbourne

    C'mon Mayaman...this is getting too intense...fry or fix? that is the question that needs an answer

    Fried = new Alienware...hmm...nice :tup:
    Fixed also good..

    Win win situation :D
  13. Mayaman


    Well, swapped the wires back to original without the grounding wires because I cut them off and now it sees the brake but it's either on or off, no pressure sensitivity or travel :(
  14. itrdc5

    Australia Melbourne

    That's strange about the travel. You mean the actual feel of the pedal has changed?

    By the way, did you try calibrating using ?
  15. fatkrakr


    Ground that sucker. Mine is hooked just as the install instructions with PP said to hook them up.
  16. Mayaman


    No the actual physical travel is the same I meant it acts like a switch, on or off.

    I reconnected it to the G25 converter from Fanatec and it's working normally again. I won't be able to use these with the CSW though because it doesn't support the Fanatec g25/27 adapter. So I'm going to take my other G27 pedals apart and take the connector wire from them and ground them

    Fat, perfect pedals bodnar instructions clearly state do not ground the pedals.
  17. fatkrakr


    Huh, didnt get any instructions with mine. I ordered it after I decide I was done racing on ps3. When it got here just plugged it in and started racing. Im going to leave mine as is (If it aint broke dont fix it) hope you get yours sorted out.
  18. Mr Latte

    United Kingdom N Ireland

    Select your own components and you can easily better the Alienware performance,spec and price.
  19. Mayaman



    A. I have no time for that
    B. The Alienwares are pure sex
    C. Easily trump is highly unlikely as I max out the PC when I buy it. At the time Dual 580GTX, 16GB 1800 RAM, 3 TB disk with SSD boot drive, Dual Bluray. And all I had to do was pick up the phone. ;) My 3D scores were insane.

    My building PC days are over my friend.

    Anyway, hopefully my V2s will satisfy my in the brake department. Its going to be hard to move from the Perfect Pedal. Its working now with the spare G27 harness I had from another set.
  20. Mr Latte

    United Kingdom N Ireland

    A. No time, what about 4 hours?
    B. Lots of sexy/quality cases available (my own included was just released at my time of purchase)
    C. Yes easily trump Alienware's available/selected components

    Can't speak for USA but the UK has several companies that will build a tailored system for the customer. Oh and you can even order over the phone if you want.
  21. Mayaman


    Well, I've done benchmarks on my Alienware's over the years and my friends custom built PCs and on a whole usually my Alienware comes out ahead. And at this top end of the performance spectrum we're talking a few frames here or there which nobody but the biggest nerds care about anyway.

    And obviously the cost/performance advantage goes to home built but when it comes time for me to sell to move on to another Alienware it keeps a good majority of its value vs. a home built. usually still has the extended warranty. So Tomato/Tomahto.

    I myself have had excellent luck with the Alienwares, been looking at Maingear lately as well. I don't really care about price as long as its under 4 or 5K for the machine. If anything goes wrong I pick up the phone and they next day air me a new system.

    Both have their Merritt, I just don't feel like going/doing anything else because the Alienwares do what I want them to do and then I sell them for good money is a year or so. :)

    Everybody's situation is different.