Pffffft! (sorry bout that)

Discussion in 'GT3 Race Reports' started by ving, Jun 14, 2003.

  1. ving


    yup peeps, the cluey ones have figured it out by title.. for the others who didnt............

    Like tha wind!

    i really just wanted to get this over with to get the mazda so without further adue:

    My car, pol 001 w/ no downforce and a top speed of what i thought was going to be about 400km/h.

    starting at the back I quickly zip past the whole pack (damn this is gonna be easy i think to myself)... and then it hapens, my speed tops out at 367 km/h!!! the viper gts (what a car!) is catching and has my tail by lap 2.
    the viper and i swap positions many times over the nextcouple of laps, lapping traffic as we go and thru slip-streaming reach speeds well over 400 turning good lap time that neither of us could have done solo.
    lap 5 and the viper hits lapped traffic literally and plays catchup. catching me off guard near turn 3 lap 6 he sweeps past to a lead i cant catch.....
    my heart sinks as his lead increases, then sinks further as he pits.... giving me 30secs lead which he never makes up, even tho i later pit once myself...

    the win is substantial at 30 secs, but i would have thought it would be more.

    cash and prize accepted and game saved :)
  2. mindless_dude


    i used the c5r,it was pretty easy