Phoenix V8 Raceway !!!

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    Phoenix V8 Raceway (v1.0)

    Circuit designed (in the desert of Arizona hypothetical) with philosophy which is based on medium-sized oval speedways Nascar tracks, but with two medium-sized turns in the middle of the track for more challenge for short races with feeling of the controling the weight balancing of the car and trail braking technique with blast speed for do not become boring....... also has a small percentage of bumping and small bounce in tarmac for better driving feel of suspensions, the circuit is designed to provide enjoyable short races with large displacement like American V8 with lot of power, very powerful Supercars and racing cars like Nascar..................... to enjoy to the maximum this track is better with cars with lot of power and less downforce, and without any drivers electronic help, without traction control, abs ect (but not only this, and more), sorry for my bad english. inspirator and creator: PanosRunner with track path editor.


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