Phone holder for G920

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    Hi!! Just wanted to show this, i had an old Samsung s4 mini laying around which I started using with SIM dashboard for f1 2018, I had a mount behind the wheel but it didn't worked quite well, so I designed this one and 3d printed it, I'll share the files once I do some minor adjustments so you guys can print it if you want...

    For v2 I'm thinking on adding a home on the holder so you can reach the Xbox button, I almost always have my gamepad on when playing that's why i didn't care to cover the Xbox button, but it's a nice to have in the future... Also it works to cover the annoying, strong as hell, white led... Hehehe

    IMG_20190420_215722990.jpg IMG_20190420_215800480.jpg IMG_20190420_215808079.jpg

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