Photo Queens (Look inside)

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    I have alot of cars that were purchased or setup specifically for photoshoots, cruising, or sentiment.

    Normally they're way overpowered, or the setup would never be drivable, or it's just a car I don't even like to drive at all but looks cool.

    This has led me to have quite a few multiples sitting in the garage with very low miles on them. I've attached a couple that were setup specifically for the pics you see them in here and I may or may not have driven them since. I'm sure I'll pull them out again when I want to shoot a few pics though.

    Z28_Willow-Springs-International-Raceway---Streets-Of-Willow-Springs_74.jpg RUF_Daytona-Road-Course_25.jpg SR_Mount-Panorama-Motor-Racing-Circuit_18.jpg

    What's sitting in your garage waiting for stuff like this?
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