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Discussion in 'GT6 Photo Mode' started by makospeed44, May 1, 2014.

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    Hey I realize there may be a Photo Tips or Photomode Guide Thread on here somewhere but I hadn't seen anything of the sort. I'm in Replay Photomode at Goodwood with the SLS GT3 and I have a really sick shot of the car under braking with some back fire kicking out of the exhausts, but when I go to snap the pic it almost seems as if it isn't loading properly. In the preview before I take the shot, it looks perfect, you see the exhaust to the left of the flame, and the flame both clearly distinguished. When I take the shot though, it almost seems as if the camera snaps the car to the right of where I want it to be but the flame stays in place so in the finished product it looks like the flame is coming from the wheel. Like I said the car seems off center too. Now I adjusted the shutter speeds from 1/8000 which I have it on now (to get all of the detail) to 1/250 (of course that didn't help it just made the shot completely blurry). My other parameters are 24mm focal length, 45.0 F Stop, -0.5 Exposure, x2 Magnification, Aspect Ratio at 16:9, and Panning Mode 3. I have tried "overshooting my target" by adjusting the preview to the left but that doesn't seem to help as again, the car doesn't seem to reach the point I'm shooting for. I really wanna nab this shot because it's really sick, so any help or advice on adjusting whatever parameters I need would be wildly appreciated.