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    Can anyone tell me how to crack it? Because i don't really know how this works.

    In Pit Strategy during B-Spec Endurance we had Pit-in Strength Level, we can set here strength from 10% to 90% but what does that mean?

    How to use it properly?
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    +1 ...

    Could use that same info.

    Plus, if anyone can help ...

    When I enter a race which allows two B-spec drivers, I choose two of my Bob's (level 22). Started the race with Bob1, he got tired about one third of the way into race (his physical strength was down to zero) and started to make mistakes. I opted to pit and changed to Bob2 and new tyres and went on to race. Over two thirds of the race gone, Bob2 got tired (physical strength gone) and I pitted him and changed back to Bob1. He started from pits and then i saw his physical strength state was at about 15%. You can see where I'm going with this now... because after three laps Bob1 got tired again and began to offroad like a maniac. I went in to pit only to find out that both of my Bob's are unable to drive properly and I still had some racing to do.

    So my question is - is there something I'm doing wrong? Or is that normal. On that note I start to wonder how is it then possible to B-spec a 24hrs race. Do you need ~20 Bob's or what. If you return to change to another driver and he's tired, he won't be able to drive properly and you will have practically no chance to win a race??
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    No that's normal i think. They just got tired so you cant use only one of your best drivers to go along all the time.

    And with pit strategy i already know. When i choose 10% it means that my driver will pit in every time where hes tires reach to almost very end but still 10% of them let him drive. So where is 10% tires left your Bob's will drive to pit. And if you set for more % then your Bob will go to pit more offten.

    Not sure about psychic and mental strength, maybe those factors play important role as well as the tires.
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    Pit Strategy

    As Mentioned the Choice is From 10%-90%

    If you Set it to 10% Bob will Pit when he only has 10% Mental Strength left

    If you set it to 90% Bob will Pit in 3 Laps :lol: so really and I mean Really Don't Bother

    Where the Strategy Really comes into effect is the Type of Car you are using and Its Fuel and Tyre Consumption

    Take the Indy 500 thats shared by 4 Bobs Now in say the Minolta it can take anything between 6 -7 Pit Stops (usually its 7) Beacause its a Petrol Engine it'll Run out of Fuel before it does Tyres Usually

    But if you decide to Nag your Bob's along with Pace Up they'll Wear the Tyres out before the Fuel

    The Pit Stop for a fully Depleted Minolta is 1 min and 57 seconds as it'll needs 97 Ltr's of Fuel

    So lets say you decide to use Pit Strategy and you set to 10% when the Car Pits and If you havn't nagged Bob to death during his Stint the Pit Stop Will be Shorter as less Fuel will be Used . TheTime in the Pits is Decided by How long the Fuel Takes to Fill the Car

    If you use a Diesel like a Audi R10 it'll use less Fuel and be in the Pits on Average 1 min and 10 secs

    To add to your Own Strategy theres the fact that Most People Tune there Cars be it engine upgrades or Bigger Turbo's for More Power . This again Effects Fuel Consumption during the Longer Races

    Then theres the Sod the Plebs let them Run in the Car till the Tyres Melt , usually it'll mean less Pit Stops but your Drivers will be Drained Physically and Mentally and in Some Races (INDY again its 200 Laps and 500 Miles) they'll need to do Double Stints as each time they Pit there will be a Driver Change .

    When you get to the Extreme Level there is one Race where you need 2 Drivers that would be a ideal Time to Get a New Driver and chuck him in the Deep End .

    He will get Tired quicker and your main Driver will do most of the Driving .

    My strategy was to run the Race at least 4 Times to Build up the Newbie Pleb so that when I finally got too the First Endurance Race which was the Grand Valley 300 I would then Create 2 more Drivers put them in the fastest Car I had and let them get on with it . No Pit Strategy as the Race wasn't long enough to need more than 4 Driver changes and because of the XP Levelling System they had to do that Race a few Times so the Newbie Plebs Levels went up Quite Quickly

    One thing to Consider if you have a Idiot Driver now and he is not showing signs of Improvement Either you have picked a Driver with the Wrong tempermant of your Button Mashing Skills need improving .

    They may Drive the Car but your the one that actually tells them how you'd like them to do it and hopefully they will

    If they don't you can allways kill them......Oops I meant Retire them and make a new driver to replace them
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    Yer ive had a fed duds and no matter how much training you seem to give them they are still terrible. So don't feel bad in giving some of your drivers a change in their career pathway :)
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    I will start with this kind of races today.
    Are the quantities of pitstops limited?
    How many pitstops are allowed?

    And what about the used drivers? How fast they get up to 100% "health" again?