Plan of attack for SNAIL in GT7

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What course of action should SNAIL take in regards to GT7's online issues

  • Return to GTSport until the online issues with GT7 are fixed

  • Go on hiatus for Sunday night racing until the online issues with GT7 are fixed

  • Attempt to run one-off style special events on Sunday nights working around the limitations of GT7

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To all SNAIL members present, past, and future.

As we should all know by now, the current state of GT7's online component is not up to par for what we have been doing on Sunday nights for over 10 years.

The BoD has been in discussion about how to or if we should migrate to GT7 and we would like your input on the subject. We have three options in the poll. You can vote for one and the BoD will monitor the results and take them into consideration when making this decision. If you don't see an option that you like and you have another idea, please share it with us. We are open to any ideas that will get us back doing what we have been doing since GT5.
It would appear the the poll didn't provide much clarity for a direction to take.

Let's get a discussion going. If you voted to go back to Sport, would you race on 7 or are the issues just too much? If you voted to race on 7, would (or could) you go back to sport until the issues with 7 are resolved? Are you open to either option?

The BoD is trying to determine which direction to go right now and we would like to have as much input from the members as possible.

Please try to stay away from discussing the specific issues in the game in this thread. We really just want your input on what platform you would prefer, are able, or willing to use right now.
To get the discussion going…
I swayed to GTS side because the GT7 lobbies in which I have participated, the room seems very unstable with over five participants. I just don’t see how SNAIL could endure this kind of instability and nonsense.

The positive statements regarding GT7 have one thing in common, they rely on “hope” and “wish”. The weak rely on wishes. SNAILs forge their destiny.
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Not trying to be a pain, but I can’t provide further input beyond my vote without also discussing the issues with the game because it is precisely those issues that drive my platform of choice at this moment in time.

Agree with prior statement. Snail lobby races in GT7 would be like those roulette tickets - you get a chance to actually race, to get booted and spectate, or to experience a system crash / blue screen.

It would be very helpful for me if a BoD member could further elaborate how these lobby issues would be managed under the GT7 one-off option. If a rough draft OLR-lite outline of a race night procedure could be presented then maybe some of the questions I have would disappear. Or any misunderstandings I have would be cleared up.
I can't tell you how lobby issues would be handled. We currently leave it up to the host and DM to handle any lobby issues. In GTSport that was hit and miss if the host would do anything about the issue when it was reported. Even more miss when the report about someone lagging was the host and then there was zero chance of anything being done about it. It's actually one of the reasons I don't race as much as I used to. That's my own personal issue and a choice that I made so I digress.

How issues would be handled would need to be determined after a night of testing and seeing what kind of issues present themselves. A lot of the reports and explanations that I have seen seem to indicate that one bad connection has a negative effect on the entire room where in Sport, the one bad connection was more isolated to affect the driver with the bad connection.

Any format would likely consist of using one track and possibly one car for the entire night to avoid having to change settings and close and re-open the lobby. Other details would be determined on a week to week basis and could mimic some of the holiday events that have been run in the past.

Any change to GT7 is very much a work in progress.

Side note: Mentioning the issues that contribute to your though process is fine. I just didn't want to see this conversation devolve into a complaint fest about the issues with the game.
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Last night I was in a lobby and there were some issues with certain drivers seeing other drivers. The host recommended everyone switch cars and then switch back. It worked. Of course, during the lobby it had to be done after almost every session because the same drivers kept having issues, but each time it did remedy the situation for the upcoming race. Just an fyi and maybe something that should be tested.
I could go either way, but if we were to go back to GTS, it may encourage me to run some more daily races in the unlikely hopes of getting the pole/win counts needed for those trophies.
I was in @Bologna_Duc lobby Sunday, Mar 20 for one race. Thanks for the work Duc. The cars I saw were pretty jerky. I left after the 1st race, but I see the lobby didn't last past the 3rd race. To race Snail's 6 combos on a Sunday, in GT7, means the host has to set up the lobby 6 times, a lot to ask IMO and it will slow the evening down considerably.

Originally I voted to stay with GT7 so I could practice all those 'old, returning' tracks I've never seen before, and work on progressing through menu books and licenses, etc. But, now that I've experienced a lobby I am much more interested in racing with Snail back in GTS until the lobby issues with GT7 are fixed.