Play It Again: because tracks are shot by repetition

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    When you watch a GT6 replay, the default view does often have a few options to choose from. These options aren't available to the user in real-time, but rather come in sequence. So you need several consecutive laps, right?

    Goodwood is an exception: you obviously only get the one go, so you get variation by pressing restart, which is to the left of "seek backward". And the Sierra track doesn't always have even one option, so it will go to a car-born view for those, but that's somewhat different and not in here yet anyway. So how many different replays do you get from a given track, without actively changing the view?
    Here's the very beginning of a list to begin to answer that question.

    Used Free Run (you need this many laps):

    Big Willow: 2
    Brands Hatch Indy Circuit 80s: 4
    Silverstone National: 3
    Tsukuba: 4

    Used Arcade Time Trial:

    Goodwood: 5
    Goodwood 2014: 5
    Goodwood 2015: 5

    Guess which track?

    rightside tracker, t1 suicide tracker,
    chicane tracker, safe tracker (long),
    outside static D on right, thru D,
    kerb suicide tracker, hummingbird tracker out,
    [200 m] grass tracker, hummingbird tracker out,
    suicide tracker