Player Set Shift Timing (Automatic)

Discussion in 'Features' started by Welsh-Fury, Jun 30, 2014.

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    Alongside of adjusting your transmission, you could also set at what RPMs your car would shift on, not every time you reach the redline.

    The reason being is for cars with motors that have all their power/torque at low to medium RPM ranges. While racing in manual, this is never a problem when shifting after max power/torque is passed. Automatic on the other hand doesn't see the power falling off and the car could keep trying to push to the next gear at higher speeds without ever being able to shift.
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    This is a great suggestion & something desperately needed for all those that drive in AT.
    I'm strictly a MT guy myself so I never use AT but like you say in the OP, some cars just don't want to be revved all the way to the redline. BMW 120d anyone? :ouch:
    I have a mate who only uses AT & if we want to do time trial shootouts against each other we have to choose a car that suits us both to be fair.
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    Sounds like what you need is a manual :sly:

    But no seriously, that is just a drawback to an AT... in real life and in virtual reality. If you want full control over when your transmission shifts, learn to drive a manual. It's sad nobody buys/drives them in real life anymore, and now people won't even use them in racing games where it's just two more buttons (if you're unfortunately using a controller like me, anyway)

    Save the manuals! :cheers:
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    I primarily do when driving on a wheel. I just hurts when I want to unwind on my DS3 (Which I can only tolerate driving on automatic with) and some of my more enjoyable cars are broken because of it.
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