Please bring back open lobbies the way they were in GT5 and GT6

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To me, the single best feature of modern GT games is the open lobbies... well, it was before they were downgraded in GT Sport. It's probably an unpopular opinion, but I have absolutely no interest in Sport mode for a variety of reasons.

1. I already have an iRacing account. To be honest, I take that too seriously as it is, I enjoy having my 'chill' racing game that is Gran Turismo, that doesn't bring stress in my life.

2. I have never had any interest to play Gran Turismo competitively in ranked matchmaking. I don't even use my steering wheel with GT, because in my opinion, GT will always be more fun to me with a controller.

3. I prefer to have choice in what cars/tracks I'm racing, and to have friends playing by my side when I'm doing it. I can't play in with a group of my friends in Sport mode, and that's probably my biggest gripe against it.

With that said, GT Sport obviously did have open lobbies, but anyone who played GT5 or GT6 noticed a large amount of the options were gone. Roughly half of the options you would have in GT5 to setup any type of race you wanted, was scrapped for GT Sport. You can't even setup your own one-make races anymore! What the hell!? So many crucial features were gone, that most of my GT friends stopped playing the game less than 6 months into the games life.
To be completely honest, if GT7 doesn't restore open lobbies the way they were in GT5/GT6, there really won't be much reason to be in any rush to buy GT7 unless the singleplayer ends up being really good... at least for me anyway.
I hear ya mate.

You'd think that PD would retain and enhance the existing set of options we loved in GT5 & 6.

Customising the weather was a huge one for me. You could create random showers and even full-on thunderstorms. Made for very-interesting racing and fun. Add to that the time-of-day and time-speed-up options and you had constantly-changing conditions and even the ability to run faux 24-hour events.

Specifying PP limits was great too IMHO. You could include the spec in the room's title and anyone who chose to ignore it wouldn't be allowed on-track; the game took care of all that. Brilliant.
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