Please help! Braking issue/OG Logitech Momo pedals

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I am new to this forum and website... And also I'm sort of new to gaming peripherals like my new/used force feedback Logitech Momo wheel and pedals.. I have a question to anyone who could help me I'm having issues with the braking of my pedals... When calibrating it shows that both pedals are not active but when applying the brake or gas in Logitech driver software, it shows that the brake is being apply very slightly all the shows a meter that gradually increases as you apply the pedals..the brake is always being apply until I apply the gas...then the brake fully disengages... if I let off the gas the brake then activates automatically again...the best example of this is when I am letting go of the gas on a turn automatically applys the brake...I thought it might be the brake assist on some games but it is not the case... Something is wrong with the potentiometer I'm assuming but you all are the experts so what should I do...clean the potentiometer...or get a new set of pedals? I will get pictures but if someone knows something it would be appreciated greatly ...thank you in advance!
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