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It has been a while since we had an update to the Motorsports forum rules, and a few people could do with the bold, new thread at the top of the forum to remind them of the etiquette of this particular part of the site.

First, the basics:

  • Do not wish any harm, injury or incident upon any driver
    The moderating staff understand that people have their favourites in motorsport, and that they might therefore wish the rivals of their favourites to undergo misfortune. Fair enough, but if we see any crash or physical harm being wished upon any participant in any form of motorsport, then we shall immediately issue an AUP violation infraction.
  • Do not post videos depicting fatal accidents
    We know that motorsports can be dangerous, but this is a General Patronage site and crash videos where a driver dies, even if you can't see them dying per se within the video, may be a bit too much for younger viewers.
  • Do not post "spoilers" in the thread titles
    Do not give away the race or qualifying results in the thread title. Keep in mind that not everyone gets to see the race live, and, given that this is a global forum, not everyone even gets to see the race on the same day. Of course, you can talk about the results inside the thread!
  • Do not post spoilers elsewhere on GTPlanet
    GTPlanet is typically inhabited by motoring and motorsports enthusiasts and they ought to be free to navigate the site and avoid seeing race results unless they are looking for them. This applies across the site, but be especially mindful about your own status updates.
For general use:
  • Keep each season or race to a single discussion thread
    Regardless of the series in question, race weekends are the fastest-moving part of the calendar and so it may be beneficial for the more popular series to have an individual thread for each race alongside a general discussion thread for the series itself. Each season for each series should have its own standalone thread also. The staff may archive old races into larger single-season threads, or each season into single-formula threads after the season is finished.
  • Notable events merit their own thread
    If something notable occurs during or between races, don't bury it in a general discussion thread, talk about it in its own one. This may result in the topic being discussed in three threads at once (race, general, event), but even we have more important things to worry about than that.
  • No complaining about who gets to the start the threads
    This is, after all, a public discussion forum. It's up for grabs as to who can create a thread and there is no additional kudos available for being the person who does so. If you intend on starting a new thread, pay attention to how users have done it previously, as posts that are short on information may rankle.
  • Do not begin a new race thread until the Tuesday (UTC) before the event
    There still isn't any additional kudos to being the one who starts the thread, so rushing in to get a new thread up before anyone else will result in it being locked and removed (best case scenario). For major endurance events such as the Le Mans 24hr, N24 or 24hr of Spa, there will be significantly more build-up and discussion well ahead of the event, including test days at whatnot, and this rule will be waived.
At all times be aware of the Acceptable Use Policy.

Thanks to @Pupik, @GilesGuthrie and @niky for the original and long-serving Motorsports forum rules threads.
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