Draft Polaris RZR Spec-Racing Championship

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    Is it a golf cart? Is it a buggy? Or is it an obese go-kart? That depends on your view of the Polaris RZR. Sure, it's an offroad-oriented vehicle, but what rule book says you can't race it on the warm tarmac of a famous race track? Better yet, what would happen if you organized an intense championship using lightly modified RZRs catered to pavement pounding?

    Anyway, enough with the questions. After a bit of testing, I've managed to conjure up an awesome setup for the RZR suited for the race track, and was wondering if anyone would be interested in running a 10-race Championship. This league would be suited for drivers of all skill levels. Listed below is what you'll need to partake in this event.

    2015 Polaris RZR XP 1000 EPS (dur!)
    Sport Pistons/Compression Upgrade
    Race Flywheel
    Race Brakes
    Race Front Anti-Roll Bars
    Race Rear Anti-Roll Bars
    Race Chassis Reinforcement/Roll Cage
    Race Clutch
    Race Transmission
    Race Driveline
    Race Differential
    Race Tire Compound
    Sport Rim Style - Team Dynamics Pro Race 1 Rims
    Front Rim Size - 230/65R18
    Rear Rim Size - 280/50R18
    Tuning the vehicle will be up to the driver. Liveries are gladly welcomed, preferably racing-style liveries (numbers, sponsors, etc.). No immature or offensive liveries will be allowed, and will result in the offender being banned from the event. Scoring will be as follows:

    1st: 20
    2nd: 18
    3rd: 16
    4th: 14
    5th: 12
    6th: 10
    7th: 8
    8th: 6
    9th: 4
    10th: 2
    11th: 1
    12th and below: 0

    The track schedule will be as follows:

    Lime Rock Full Circuit Alt - 30 Laps
    Dubai City Circuit Reverse - 20 Laps
    Prague Short Reverse - 25 Laps
    Suzuku West Circuit - 15 Laps
    Yas Marina North Circuit - 20 Laps
    Mugello Autodromo Internazionale Club Circuit - 20 Laps
    Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca - 15 Laps
    Le Mans Circuit De La Sarthe Bugatti Circuit - 12 Laps
    Hockenheimring National Circuit - 15 Laps
    Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit - 15 Laps
    Be warned that tracks that feature Weather Change will NOT be set up a specific way. I will randomize the settings to ensure an exciting unpredictable race. As for the times for the races, the races will occur usually on weekends, around 3PM EST on either Saturday or Sunday. If you're interested, feel free to reply to this thread, and leave your Gamertag, as well as your racing number.

    1) ZDUPH - LitnigMcQuen59 #59
    2) RazorSharkz - RazorzSharkz #
    3) Bethany Dawn -MissParrot66 #
    4) Niku Driver HC - NikuTheDriver #76

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    I'm in. The RZR spec race in career was so fun. I want that with people now.

    Xbl- RazorzSharkz
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    Sounds fun but my joining depends on when the races take place.

    XBL- MissParrott66
  4. Niku Driver HC

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    I would like to join. The idea of a single-make series using the RZR sounds very interesting, and there's potential for door-to-door (wait, these things don't have doors, do they? :p :lol:) racing...

    XBL - NikuTheDriver / #76