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Theme: Introducing the Icon

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Brisbane, Australia
Welcome to the second DC Photomode competition poll! This week there are two competitions: An unedited and an edited. Unfortunately, due to bad entry count, i think i am going to just stick with one competition per week for now. This competition got a pretty low entry count, so it probably wont be returning :(. But no matter, vote away!

This weeks theme, brought to you by gtuned:

Introducing The Icon: 1 rule. The shot must be a direct front on, ground level shot of the front of the car. You'll have to get super creative with the background to stand out in this one.

  • Do not try to sway the poll​
  • Do not ask others to vote for your entry​
  • Do not vote for your own entry​
  • Make sure you see every entry before you vote​

1: MrNazeen

Im going to let this one slide.

2: Mazda787

3: Torque

4: Me

A close match! So I guess no new competition for this week?
Yeah probably not. This week there was even less entries for the unedited one! I might have to stop making these comps, because its too much effort for not enough people... :(