Poll: are you playing GT6 online?

How often do you play GT6 online?

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Chrunch Houston

Probably should be called Chrunch Louisville
United States
I race online every night in GT6. I posted something in the "What are you Eating/Drinking?" thread and got this response. from @CLowndes888. That made me curious as to how many people here actually play online anymore.

Every night when I start the game I have to enter the open lobby, and while I don't go scrolling through it, I always see lots of populated rooms before I click "Create New".

So, how many of you are still playing and how often? If you're not, or rarely racing online, I would love to hear why.

The people I race with alway have a good time, and it seems the skill level of the 'randoms' has greatly improved since the game came out.
Terrible interweb connection
Ryk did try twice, Once GT6 (or the Internet gods) disconnected Ryk before an organised endurance race.
Second go was a pick up thing and that was,, not populated by the cleanest of drivers and it seemed to take an age for the race to start/connect.
If Quick Matches count, then nearly every night.

Friends moved onto the PS4 and other games until GTS comes around. They're having fun with the other driving games but still very much enjoy GT6, but like the new toy syndrome can do to a person, haven't played GT6 in a couple months now.
Yep, usually at least a few times a week 👍 Other than the coursemaker I've gotten bored with GT6. The seasonals are repeating now, although ones that I missed the first time around are fun. But the AI is so horrid that online is the only place I'm finding real fun racing, excluding the folks that jolly themselves by ramming. The Midfield QM we just had took up almost every minute of free time I had. Plus there's the COTW that @Nismonath5 mentioned which runs Tuesdays and Saturdays. The "Grand Tour" series is coming back for a finale soon too.
I do track day lobbies a couple times a week and I still do League races almost every weekend.
I started playing it recently but for 2 reasons only. One was to compare it to GT Sport Beta and how different it was by recording and testing how smooth/laggy the online is between the two.

Another reason was because I recently bought a used Logitech DFGT and GT6 was the best game I tried so far with it.
Since the closed beta for GT Sport ended I've got nothing to fulfill my car-needs; so I've come back to GT6. Still kinda boring.
My PS4 is shot, so I've had to go back to the PS3 and GT6. The amount and type of rooms kinda turn me off from racing, but I guess I have to start my own rooms.