Poll-GT6 & Six 20 Million Dollar Cars Revisited

What's Your Recommended 20 Million Dollar Car ?

  • Ferrari 330 P4 (Premium)

  • Ford Mark IV (Premium)

  • Jaguar XJ13 (Premium)

  • Jaguar XJ13 Chrome Line (Premium)

  • Ferrari 250 GTO (Premium)

  • Ford GT40 (Standard)

  • None Are Worth The Credits

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United States
Western Territory U.S.A.
In GT5 I already have all the big buck cars in my garage, but I am considering buying one of the GT6 20 million dollar cars. I already have the 15 million dollar Lambo Miura. There are some older threads similar to this, but after all this time having passed since GT6 was released, and many with much experience now, I wonder what 20 million dollar car you would recommend to buy over all the others ?


It really depends on what you are looking for in a car, fastest, best handling or just one to cruze around in. I've never owned all of them so I can't really say much but I've always had a soft spot for the jaguar.
United States
Western Territory U.S.A.
Yes the Jag is one pretty looking fine car and handles in GT5 imho as good as any of the others, if not even better. Already having 20 Mil + in credits enables me to save my game file on USB and just try them out temporarily before purchasing one for my garage permanently.


Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea
The 330 P4 is the lightest of the bunch and has the best power-to-weight ratio, I believe. So this thing is ideal if you want something really fast. But basically the other choices above are fast as well. In the end, the decision still depends upon you. ;)