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Which movie do you want to watch ?

  • teeonsacid's Hot Wheels vs Speedracer

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  • Baliwa's 00's The Fast and The Furious

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  • Stephan's Classic Race Flashback

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  • Teal's Solo Remake

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  • CorvairGuy69's Distance (from the Felix Induction trilogy)

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  • Higny's 2050 Joker Movie

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This week, you'll have to find the new film icon.

And if possible, though it's not mandatory, give us a little insight on what the movie you thought about is, and how the car fits in. Again, this is not mandatory at all, it's just for some extra fun.

This. This is where all started. A small sentence which has great consequences in this competiton, with amazing stories which deserved their own poll.


The poll will end on February 26, 2019 (23:45, CEST/GMT+1)
(5 days to vote)

You can vote for 2 entries.
You can NOT vote for your own story.

AAAAND the winner will get to choose a Bonus Livery Competition theme !


teeonsacid's Hot Wheels vs Speedracer
This is my Hot Wheels vs Speed Racer style universe movie Villain car.
I loved what the Wachowskis did with the Speed movie and if i could insert my own car into that type of universe, this would be it - a nasty viper of a villain hell bent on wrecking havoc through the course with hypnotic distractions. Also the chrome/colour shift really doesn't play well in a still shot

Baliwa's 00's The Fast and The Furious
You can guess the idea, the idea clearly from 00's era when The Fast and The Furious out. I grow with that movie, and I really like livery from Fast and Furious 1 to Tokyo Drift all is memorable. So this car for me is taking part of that movie as a main character second car if they filming at Japan.

Stephan's Classic Race Flashback
So the movie begins with an old man named Reeves Wilkinson (born 1945) visiting the British Motor Museum and there he saw the Jaguar XJ13 and he smiled. And then a group of car enthusiasts saw him smiling and they asked him "Do you know this car mister?" and Reeves replied "Yes in fact I raced that car before.". So then the car enthusiasts were all curious to know more about his experience with the car and thus Reeves began his story about the Jaguar XJ13.........

Reeves Wilkinson - The protagonist who used to drive the Jag back in the sixties and would give the XJ13 the experience it wanted when it was created aka racing it.
Ed Rivers - The antagonist of the movie. He's the leader of his gang named The Hole In Your Garage gang and he doesn't care about cars as long as he can get money out of it though he has knowledge about cars. He drives a Ferrari 330 P4.
Chris Atkins - A major character of the movie. He's a American driver who was successful at racing in the US for Ford-Shelby. Some say he's Carroll Shelby's golden boy. He drives the Ford GT40 Mk.I.
Pio Barnes - A major character of the movie. He's also the founder and organizer of the Historic Racing Series. A two time champion and he drives a Shelby Cobra 427.
Venny - One of Ed's thugs. Although he doesn't know much about cars, he's a good driver for the gang. Some say he might overthrow Ed. He drives a Shelby GT350.​
Freid - One of Ed's thugs. Compared to both Ed and Venny, he knows cars and can drive well too. Drives also a Shelby GT350.

JKcreativeworks' Naitohantā
An anime comic made into a movie.


Alright, so this story is about an ex-drugdealer and streetracer named Toshiko born in the streets of Edogawa Tokyo. Since his Drugdealer era Toshiko has had many negative encounters with several mafia members, he has been extorted and threatened with death due to racing and drugdealing in mafias property. Toshiko decided he no longer wanted to take that road, and took a turn for the better. He has joined up with the Police to go undercover and intercept in the underworld as the Yakuza had grown bigger and bigger to the point people didn't feel save anymore in the streets. He finds himself chasing down drugdealers and footsoldiers of the Mafia, and often finds him self in gunfights in the harbors of Koto due to failed drugdeal attempts between gangs. Although the government doesn't always aprove of his way of work, they are (as cliché as it sounds) glad they have him on board.

Teal's Solo Remake
Too busy laughing to get a write up. It's not even that funny.
It’s a remake of Solo, but in a Fast and Furious world.

I’m a machinist, not a writer.
But I’m pretty sure “Seoul-Oh: A Fast and Furious Story: writes it self.

Is it a shot for shot remake of “Solo”?
Is it a story about how Han survives Tokyo Drift and is living in the underground?
Is it an Origins story?

Yep let your imagination run wild. It will write anything better than I can.

D-Max's Reaper's Revenge
Movie - Reaper’s Revenge

‘Set across the State of California, a retired hitman is forced out of retirement after one of his closest friends is murdered in cold blood. His only choice is to figure out the trail of clues left behind and wreak havoc on those responsible. With the call sign Reaper, he’s sure to inflict loads of pain and suffering on anyone who stands in his path.’

The car is a secondary protagonist, with loads of screen time. It goes through the worst situations and takes a beating. With plenty of scratches and dents and bullet holes to boot. The brown is indeed dirt although when I looked at it at one point, it looked like possible rust.

The spoiler is a scene set in the middle of the movie where the reaper is being tailed and he has no choice but to put the foot to the floor and see off his chasers with any means necessary

P.s I thought the charger would be the perfect chase vehicle but for some reason, scapes keeps reverting the wheels back to stock although they keep the painted colour. I put typical questionable DUB style wheels on the 2 chargers as you see in all action movies but as I said, they won’t load in scapes!

BigJimmy's Hello Kitty : Puppy Rescue
Hello Kitty: Puppy Rescue

This is the first live action Hello Kitty movie and features Kristen Wiig as Hello Kitty herself.

When a hilarious but accidental (pink fluffy) note book swap happens in a chain coffee shop, Hello kitty uncovers a plot to kidnap puppies from the local Pomeranian boutique hotel. Hello Kitty and her friends (Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon) must outwit the gang of gay fashion designers who plan to show an outrageously expensive Pomeranian fur covered poncho at London Fashion week.

Hello Kitty must get a job at the Pomeranian boutique hotel and embed herself within the daily routine of poop scooping, wee wiping and tail brushing with outrageously funny consequences, in order to track the movements of the criminally stylish gang.

However it all goes wrong when Hello Kitty takes a break to make a kale and vomit fruit smoothie and the puppies are quickly hidden by the fabulous gang members in a large shipment of handbags and smuggled out of building.

Hello Kitty and her friends must follow the well dressed criminals to a puppy skinning factory and use all their wit and cunning to free the puppies and cover the gang members in tar and a pile of badly fitting budget jeans.

The Car featured above is used for 12.5 seconds at the start of the movie as Hello Kitty drives her friends to a spinning class.

ghostrider135's Fast and Furious UK
This is based on the Fast and Furious franchise but going back to its roots, I was always a fan of the first film and think they have deviated too much from the whole street racing thing so my idea was a reboot of sorts, Ladies and gents strap yourselves in for Fast UK, The script is a work in progress so not much can be said this early on :sly:

The main protagonist is Elsa Frost aka Blizzard and her car of choice is a GT4 spec Nissan GT-R, Unfortunately this hero car is destroyed about half way through the movie but the stunt car used is very much race ready and is completely sport mode compatible

PrinsvOranje's Hexagon Hornet
My entry is also based on the Fast and furious. When I was looking at this theme I was annoyed by a mosquito during the night so that's how I came on the Hornet theme.

As being one of the smaller cars this is a little annoying neighbor with a big mouth and a small car which makes to much noise. It is the little son of the world famous Doc Hudson Nascar legend which won the Piston Cup Championship 3 times in a row. He was famous in drifting his car over the gravel, something he learned a lot of youngsters. Being famous has its downside and therefore the family moved to Japan where his little son discovered his love for the drift scene on the mountains near his new home. Drifting was his new dream and the touge mountain roads in Japan helped him in improving his skills. When this rising Star was rising to the top of the drifting scene, at this moment he came in the picture of the local police. After being arrest when he was racing he was locked up for a few months. In this prison, he made new 'friends'.

Doc was furious off making the family name to shame and sends him to Europe. But instead of working hard on a legit job he found himself attracted to the thrilling live of his new 'friends' which were stealing Art all over Europe in fast cars. They used his skills as a driver/drifter to transport the Art from the original location to their save house. As being the smallest in the group and his family name became the Hexagon Hornet!

KK78's Tokyo Interceptor : Octane Override

'Tokyo Interceptor; Octane Override'

Kazami Yakinawa is a pain in the ass, or at least to his superiors in the Tokyo Police department he is. If there’s a rule to be bent to the point of almost breaking, Kazami will bend it. But he’s already a highly decorated narcotics and street racing agent with a host of successful busts in his 5-year police career.

But as a former member of the Midnight Club, where he was prevalent for many years winning over 120 events in a NOS-infused, 930bhp Nissan R34 Skyline, better known as the ‘Flamethrower’ (due to it’s proximity to singe anyone stupid enough to be near the back of it as it launched) Kazami has an ego to match his considerable driving ability.

In 2011, Kazami found himself on a manslaughter charge after he ran a rival driver, from the Jakkaru Street crew, off the road into a wall at 180 miles an hour on Tokyo’s Matsudo circular. Police Chief Miko Hazo, seeing an opportunity to have a proven street racer as part of her team, offered Yakinawa an ultimatum of 20 years in jail or a seat on the street cops division.

He took the deal and Hazo must, at times, wish she’d never offered it up. Kazami argued that in order to do his job he needed to choose his car and opted for a rip-snorting FuguZ. He was told he couldn’t modify it past 300bhp, the car has 680bhp. He was told it cannot have nitrous, it has nitrous. He was told not to ram cars while in pursuit, he fitted a roll cage and slam bumpers and regularly rams criminal cars at high speed. He was told not to wear a helmet, he wears a helmet. He was told it must have standard issue flashing lights on top, he claimed they ‘fell off’.

The film follows Kazami through his criminal street racing years into his perp chasing exploits on the other side of the law, but which side is he truly on? Can a leopard change its spots or is Kazami simply hell-bent on taking down his ultimate rival; ‘Jakkaru’ (the Jackal) and was his renegade switch part of his plan all along?

‘Tokyo Interceptor: Octane Override’ is a thrill ride of a movie; cars, guns, crime, drugs and all served up at a lightning pace across Tokyo’s roads and industrial areas, think Fast & Furious meets Renegade Cop.

Noisy's Super Copen! The Heart of Speed
Little Copen always wanted to be a race car. He would watch racing every day and had dreams that when he grew up, he would win the Super Nippon Cup. But driving school was difficult for Little Copen. He was bullied by the bigger cars. Told he was too small, too slow and would never be a race car. This saddened Little Copen, and after dropping out of driving school, he started getting into trouble with street racing gangs and the police. But then a chance encounter with Master Kamui turned his ways around. Master Kamui saw his desire, his passion and his heart to race. Using his experience and wisdom, Master Kamui takes Little Copen under his wing and teaches him the ways of the race car. Can Little Copen realise his dream, become a racing car and win the Super Nippon Cup? All will be revealed in Super Copen! The Heart of Speed.

Sjaak's Crazy Max
Year 2025

There is no government anymore, after several violent riots and unknown outbreaks of diseases, public services like the police force are taken over by one big company...Umbrella Corporation. The people that survived the onslaught live in protected towns nowadays and the only men allowed into the infected zombie area's are the fast and powerful Police Highway Interceptors of Umbrella. Their task is to eliminate opponents of the corporation.
In particular one guy is a real pain,nobody ever has lays eyes on him but his reputation is well known and he has got the highest prize on his head, donated personally by the Umbrella Board of control.
Some say..... he eats 3 full apple pies a day! and that his nipples are made of stainless steel!
All we know he is called..........The CrazyMax!!!!!!​

YukinoSuzuka's The Boy, The Chase
The Boy, The Chase

It's the year 2038 and the blockbuster movie this year isn't the hollywood blockbuster people are used to.

It's a documentary that gone horribly wrong in a very good way !
For your information. It's legal to drive your smelly petrol engine driven car in the United States AND Europe since 2032, but it's illegal to enter the GreenZones.

Then, if you do.. You're a criminal and you'll pay a serious amount of dollars plus, the gas guzzler will be destroyed immediately. Car brands don't sell new cars anymore. Since EV converstations are cheaper than buying a kitchen now, brands like Mazda, Suzuki or Ford are releasing old and new concept cars like empty bodies or kitcars to convert these to fully equiped EV's.

This story is about somebody called Steve McMillen and his best friend Christian.

Whenever Steven talked with his best friend Christian, Chris always talked about his regrets of selling his friend, his car.. he talked about it like a life human being and once in a while he talked about "The Boy".
Christian isn't a normal guy, no, he was an actor in Hollywood between 2024 and 2035. Three Mission Impossible movies as a bad character, two good guy movies with Liv Taylor and a thriller movie made him one of the best payed actors in the past 20 years (let's say he's fully loaded, yes, Steve too).

But before all that. Christian was a team principal of a Formula 1 team. A winning Formula 1 team ! Christian Horner was enjoying the Indian summer of his life somewhere above the hills of San Fransisco. The Boy was nothing less than his beloved Ferrari Dino 246 GT.

He sold it at the end of 2022, the fourth year in a row he won again World titles with Honda and boy wonder Max Verstappen. But despite to all success and history of Formula 1, Max Verstappen became the last Formula 1 champion ever, the series continued as Formula Super-E.

So Christian sold his Dino and entered the unknown ship of acting. The Birtish gentleman was an instant hit, but then again why did he sold his Dino? Steve was ready to make a movie about everything of that story.
He did everything to hunt that car. And yes he found him. He had a strange but cool looking wrap around the body. A decal with Jamiroquai on the left side and a double contra gradient from the front to the back and double pinstripes too.

Oh and that "F3RR4R1" license plate ?! He had to show it to Chris, personalized plates are over since the same day the first GreenZones where live.

The Boy was spending his days for years somehwere in a garage box in Alabama, luckily he was in mint condition.

Steve bought it for almost $ 10 million dollars and after he wrote his script for the documentary of his life.. he was ready to deliver The Boy back to his best friend Christian.

Till the moment he forgot about the GreenZone, the documentary was in danger, but so was Steve and especially The Boy ! He was ready to become a piece of scrap. He never would let that happen. "The Boy, The Chase" became an instant cult movie. The documentary became a documentary action movie.

The Boy, the Ferrari Dino became a legend and former F1 teamboss was the luckiest man on earth. The Californian deputy Lola Francis Brooks declared the Ferrari a monument of true frienship and free for charges, but the Dino wasn't allowed to be driven on the road forever...

So, Steve and Chris bought the old and forgotten Laguna Seca Raceway, now and forever, the Mekka for all petrolheads !

Street Racer 77's Outrun My Gun
'Outrun my Gun' is a gritty Drama and chronicles the fall of Mafia Boss Gianni 'not Guilty' Falcone.

It is 1954. Paolo Morbidelli's dream always was to create his Vision of a classic Sportscar. As Cars were more than just a hobby. It was a life style and a magnificent way to forget all the problems in Life. One Car + one enjoyable Roadtrip can fix so many problems or make you at least forget them and feel free and happy, even if it's just for a certain time. That's why he wanted to build his dream car.
Due to the heavy influence from the Mafia within the Economy and Politics of Italy, Paolo decided to flee from Italy to begin a Mafia-free life in America. The promised land where everyone can live his dreams.

Little that he knew that many parts of America were operated by Mobster gangs.

He started to build his dreamcar in his small garage in California, together with his little son Vito.

They called it the 'Morbido Grand Coupe'. Such a beauty did not go undetected by the Mafia Boss Gianni Falcone, whos Gang spread evil through the whole town.

When Paolo declined the Offer Of the Mafia Boss to give him his car in exchange of protection by the Mafia, Mr. Falcone got very angry. He wanted to see Paolo dead. On warm summer night in 1962 when Paolo was on his way home, a black car pulled next to him on an Intersection.

Shots and sqealing wheels broke the silence of this warm sumernight. The Mobsters shot a whole Magazine round into the Mobido Grand Coupe and his unaware driver Paolo. Only 1 shot went through the driverside window. Unlukily it was fataly.

The Police found out who was behind this gruesome attack and arrested Gianni Falcone.

But due to his influence and power within the Politics aswell as his bribes, Gianni Falcone was never pleaded guilty. Because of that he earned his Nickname 'Not Guilty' as it is always the same at the Court.

Vito Morbidelli, who was 12 at this stage, screamed at Mr. Falcone at the Court and swore that he will catch him one day.

Mr Falcone laughed at him and said: "Boy, to catch me, you have to be fast. But to survive, you have to be even faster. Faster than my Bullits. You better Outrun my gun or else you will end up burried 6 feet deep... just like your dad."

At this moment young Vito Morbidelli swore vengence on the Mafia Boss who killed his beloved Father.

10 years went past. Vito rebuilded and optimized the Morbido Grand Coupe to fullfill his plans on getting vengance. He restored everything on the car and closed all bulletholes, beside only one part... The drivers door. Those bulletholes are a daily reminder of this cruel attack and fueld his compulsion for vengance.

One day Vito spotted Gianni Falcone on the Streets in his brand new Pantera and no single Guard or Gangmember followed him. Vito took this opportunity to chase Mr. Falcone down.

Vito jumped into the front seat and strapped on his seatbelt. As he pressed the ignition he felt the huge 6 litre V12 come to life with a deep roar. His heart started to Pump heavily "This is the MomentI waited for 10 years!" he thought to himself.

He started to chase Gianni and his Pantera down. They shot past the police officer who was standing on the side of the road.They clocked in at roughly 120 Miles per hour.

The red Pantera was thundering along the freeway leaving a line of dazed cars in its wake. The Meteor Gray Morbido Gran Coupe right behind him.

The lights and engines are blazing. The Pantera had only just come onto the market. As Vito followed at roughly 120 miles per hour he slammed his foot down on the accelerator

and the Morbido unleashed its fury. It quickly jumped from 120 to 255 in a mere 3 seconds. But there was no one through this Pantera as Gianni tried as good as possible to block the road. Mr Falcone realized that he stands no Chance against the Grand Coupe on the Freeway so he suddenly turns his steeringwheel to switch from the Freeway to the City where he could escape or at leatst find some Gangmembers who protect him.

But Vito was already next to him after dodging a few oncoming cars, Vito and Mr. Falcone both found themselves in the industrial area. Vito pu the accelerator to the floor, overtook Gianni Falcone, went into a drift and spun around into the opposite direction. Mr. Falcone and his Pantera slammed the brakes and came to a stop.

And there they were. Eye to eye. Tension was in the Air. The Moment that Vito waited for 10 year.

This is were my Action Shot comes into place. And what happens next is up to you :D

officialgtrch's Veterinary's double life
The movie is about the veterinary Inutetsudau Nekotasukaru who lives in Yokohama.

During the days Nekotasukaru-san is working at his own veterinary center. And during the nights he is in the street racing scene.

As in Japan the laws are not that enforced and money can buy almost everything and doctors have a high reputation, he is able to drive a GT3 car as his daily car.

His car has a heartbeat livery on it with a big Kanji which stands for life.
So during the day he is well recognized by all his clients as the reliable good warmhearted doctor he is.

But during the night his car is well known as a very dangerous and fast togue (mountain pass) racing machine among his opponents.
The Kanji of life becomes the meaning of life as survival together with the rest of the car in the darkest black you can imagine.
It is rumored among the racers that he already pushed his opponents off the street when he gets angry about loosing a race.

Being a good man during the day, the money he earns during the night races he spends on maintaining a catcoffee to search for new homes for the cats & dogs that are living in his animalshelter.

One day he meets the attractive young lady Aimaru Waifubatsu who is bringing in her cat for a surgery and he ultimatively wants to be with her. So he ask her out and Aimaru-san agrees.
They be dating for months and everything looks good, but as soon as she finds out about his dark nightlife, even the fact he does it for good, she immediately leaves him.

The Bonus picture is the end scene of the movie where Nekotasukaru-san is at Daikoku Futo PA, waiting for his next opponents to rush to the mountains and race for big money to help dogs & cats again. Let's hope he doesnt loose and gets angry again . . .​

Raphaele's QualityLand
QualityLand is a fun dystopia that plays in a near future. The story to be filmed takes the spectator to an unspecified western country, which for reasons of corporate image was renamed. In QualityLand work, leisure time and relationships are optimized by algorithms. QualityPartner knows who is best suited to you. The self-driving car knows where you want to go. And anyone who is registered with TheShop will receive all the products he or she wants, without having to order them, because the system knows what everybody wants. No one is forced any more to take difficult decisions – because in QualityLand the answer to every question is: OK.
Nevertheless, the machine-scrapper Peter begins to suspect that something is wrong with his life. He is missing any thrill and is willing to change this.

Peter owns an analogue hydraulic scrap press inherited from his grandfather and gets jobs to scrap broken machines like computers, androids, robots, cars, etc. since repair of products is forbidden by law to support the economy of QualityLand.

Due to the fact that it is prohibited to destroy other property, the objects he once has received are becoming his own possession officially and there is no deadline for execution. In his underground workshop Peter has cumulated a considerable collection of things – his pride and joy is one of those autonomous driving cars that know where you want to go and what music you like to hear.

Whenever Peter has time he tries to overhaul it although this is forbidden. His girlfriend Sandra Admin successfully has hacked the complete operation and navigation system of the vehicle in order to control traffic lights and switch for green light any time you want. Both of them are longing for the first test ride in a world where private cars are broadly unusual since most people are using car-sharing systems and public transport. Only the super-rich, most of the pimps and some rednecks have private cars of their own. Many of them are able to efford a speed ticket fine flat rate. It is quite obvious that they make use of it.

And out there in the night hours is waiting a stinging competition for our driving enthusiasts Peter and Sandra.
(See storyboard action shot “first test ride”)

No more details shall be revealed – wait for the official trailer in June 2020.
Inspired by

Author: Marc-Uwe Kling
Berlin: Ullstein 2017, 384 p.
Television deal with Lionsgate for Mike Judge (Silicon Valley, Idiocracy) to executive produce, write, and direct
Over 335,000 copies sold
Under the top 10 of the Spiegel Bestseller list over 5 month

Complete English translation available

CorvairGuy69's Distance (from the Felix Induction trilogy)
In a world where the only way to survive is by going really, really fast. Felix Induction has to save himself from the clutches of the evil Nathaniel Oscar Sampson and his gang, The Skull and Rose's. Felix has discovered a way to generate more power in his vehicle with no extra expenditure on weight, and N.O.S. can't have that reaching the civilians under his control. Felix now has to escape the grasps of Nathaniel and ensure that this info makes it to all the oppressed. This would be the first film in a trilogy. Distance is the first, followed by Time and Velocity.

Higny's 2050 Joker Movie
This is the joker mobile in the new Batman movie. A movie sitting up in 2050 focused on the Joker.

Cytoria's RoadFighters
This is the movie RoadFighters.

In 2100, a nuclear war has forced out the atmosphere, and people can no longer live on the surface. Fossil fuels have vanished, and without air, the aircrafts consume too much energy. While the underground tunnels are well kept by the law forces, another alternative economy has risen on the poisoned surface. Big companies and mafias run high-powered electric cars on the surface to avoid controls. The World United Forces developed a program of a road fighter to enforce the law.
Capable of 600kph (400mph), this rocket comes with two front radars (one for road detection, one for the targets/aim). The car is equiped with a machine gun at the top. Only two prototypes were build, the first one was destroyed in a crash during a pursuit and the surviving pilot is the hero of the film, seeking to avenge his teammate.
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Ok... This poll was by far the hardest I've got to make since I help with the competitions. I hope everything is fine for everyone's story.

It was also my thousandth post here, so I just want to thank the whole community for making this website so awesome, and let's ride for a thousand more !
Ok... This poll was by far the hardest I've got to make since I help with the competitions. I hope everything is fine for everyone's story.

It was also my thousandth post here, so I just want to thank the whole community for making this website so awesome, and let's ride for a thousand more !
Happy 1000 posts! And thanks for the dedication in keeping the LEC, and everything around it, still running!

This poll was the hardest to make, but it's not that much easier to take a pick...quite some amazing stories, you people really shined in the tie-in part! Thanks to everyone for taking part in my first (and most likely, last) decided theme! :cheers:

So, I had to pick two...

"...and the winners are..." (couldn't resist, sorry)

Tokyo Interceptor and Reaper's Revenge!

I was deeply undecided between the two japanese police-racer style movies, but eventually went with KK's; both of you guys deserve a special recognition for making the comic table though! :cheers:

I then went for Reaper's Revenge, because...even though I'll never admit it, I like over-the-top police chase american movies, with a lot of horsepower and a lot of shooting involved. And, D-Max's livery also fits the movie perfectly, which is why it will also get a vote from me on the other poll ;)
Appreciated! I’ll need to do some reading for my choices. I never really put a lot of effort in because really, I only done it thanks to the previous entries!


I went to @BigJimmy Hello Kitty because it was too absurd and too hilarious to ignore.

My second vote went to @Street Racer 77 because, while the story seemed classic, this was well written, the thrill went up during the chase and it was very clever to leave us with a cliffhanger at the bonus pic.

I could also pick @Noisy Super Copen or one of the Fast and Furious titles (thanks, you all pick the « real » street races episodes and not the nowadays action movies). I admit I could even have chosen @Teal for the laconic tone of his « scenario ».
Oh wow we have this poll as well. Very neat.

Gonna choose RoadFighters and The Boy, The Chase in this one. It intrigues me.

Thanks for your vote ! Sounds fun and satisfying a fantasy you've had (instantly) and somebody got triggered by that ! ;)
United Kingdom
Devon UK
Hello Kitty rules! (my daughter left me no choice) :D

Well done @BigJimmy
I'm catching up!! Thanks

Also.. if I win I will celebrate by releasing snippets of my work in progress Kazunori Yamauchi biography.. "Purity of Vision: Kazunori Yamauchi and the GT Story. :D
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And this is indeed a draw !

What do you think ? Should we do a tiebreaker poll ?

Although I voted for @BigJimmy Hello Kitty, I tend to think that @Noisy is the legitimate winner, considering that he leads the overall ranking (story+livery, even ahead of my RoadFighter). The story fits the livery and vice-versa.
United Kingdom
Devon UK
And this is indeed a draw !

What do you think ? Should we do a tiebreaker poll ?

Although I voted for @BigJimmy Hello Kitty, I tend to think that @Noisy is the legitimate winner, considering that he leads the overall ranking (story+livery, even ahead of my RoadFighter). The story fits the livery and vice-versa.
Yeah. I don't mind. I was just messing about with Hello Kitty.
The Kitty's story is awesome, but I guess it's legit to see the two polls to say who wins.

If it had been said first it would have been better (especially for @BigJimmy) but I can imagine it's hard to think about all possibilities! :banghead:

Anyway, good game mates, great job!