POLL : The GT Sport Livery Editor Competition 48 (La Festa Cavallino) - OPEN

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La Festa Cavallino

This poll will close on Feb 19, 2020 at 11:23 PM.
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  1. Cytoria

    Cytoria Premium

    FESTA CAVA.png


    This week, we'll all be tifosi. Last winner @Higny set this theme, let's hear what he has to say :

    As there is still no Ferrari that won any LEC yet, I want to honour the Cavallino Rampante for this round.

    You are in a Ferrari owners meeting, in a Corse Clienti event or in the Scuderia Ferrari Museum. You can see classic and current racing Ferrari, and why not some Formula cars. I want you to show us a car which could be showed in one of these places.

    I want to see some Italian vibes here!

    CARS :
    - Only cars from the following list :
    Ferrari 512 BB
    Ferrari 458 Italia
    Ferrari 458 Italia Gr4
    Ferrari F40
    Ferrari 458 Italia GT3
    Ferrari Dino 246 GT
    Ferrari Enzo
    Ferrari 365 GTB4
    Ferrari La Ferrari
    Ferrari GTO
    Ferrari F50
    Ferrari 250 GT
    Ferrari 330 P4
    Ferrari 250 GTO

    Super Formula Dallara SF19 Honda
    Super Formula Dallara SF19 Toyota
    Gran Turismo F1500T A
    Red Bull X2014 Junior
    Red Bull X2014 Standard
    Red Bull X2019 Competition

    - Original liveries, no replicas.

    - Racing liveries only.
    - Livery must be Sport Mode friendly

    - Two bonus pictures :
    - They must be taken in an Italian place (scape or track).

    - No restrictions


    The poll will end on February 20, 2019 (00:30, CEST/GMT+1)
    (5 days to vote, and this will leave a week for the winner to set up his theme.)

    You can vote for 3 entries.
    You can NOT vote for your own work.


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  2. Cytoria

    Cytoria Premium

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  3. Racerx_34


    So many choices.
    Great round.
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  4. teensonacid


    6, 12, 16. These comps are getting harder and harder to judge. Everyone deserves votes. I wish I had more to give out.
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  5. Theace37


    United States
    22, 26, 27 for me. (As you can tell I stuck to a theme with my voting) Gotta say I'm usually not a fan of the GT numberplates on liveries but that Pellagrino livery just brings back so many memories.
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  6. Cytoria

    Cytoria Premium

    I didn’t set my mind yet. There’s so many things to say and see on each of the entries.

    Whether it be classic, modern or even rally cars, no entry feels out of place here, great job everyone!

    I think I will say something here about some of them, and eventually let my feelings decide.
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  7. sturk0167


    United States
    Very difficult to select only 3 of these beauties. :nervous:
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  8. D-Max


    Tight 3 way battle with more contenders very close!
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  9. Cytoria

    Cytoria Premium

    I wrote everything below BEFORE voting so I wasn't influenced by the trends. I've tried to look at each car in a detailed way and I hope that my feedback will help and not hurt you all!

    I really feel that no entry was out of place here, some just needed slight improvements and it was really tough to decide. Writing this helped me to fix my mind and set my final choices.

    Also please don't open the spoilers if you have not voted yet.

    #1 : The only one who enters with two cars. My only remark is that I would have keep the original "Giallo Modena", without the carbon effect (which is barely visible anyway).

    #2 : Very similar to my own entry : a realistic Le Mans red Ferrari. Usual Ferrari sponsors and design clues, nothing wrong with it.

    #3 : An unusual color scheme for a Ferrari but a nice use of the metallic gold base paint and era-accurate sponsors.

    #4 : Very bold interpretation of a current Ferrari rally car. I think it works too good not to see one on the roads, at least for the tarmac or hillclimb events! The white lines follow the body nicely, and the purple/blue paint makes it really stand out.

    #5 : The black parts nicely follow the car body shape. I can't help myself to see this as a base livery from the game and think about it in other colours than red (especially yellow and bright green).

    #6 : It's blue, it's white, it's a classic rally car BUT it's not a Pioneer... I think it's a great idea and the execution is very clean.

    #7 : With #1, the only one who dared to use something else than a "real" Ferrari.

    #8 : Same idea than #2 and mine, but in an inferior race class. Once again, nothing wrong with it!

    #9 : A modern Pioneer interpretation was my first idea for this contest, but I planned something crazier in the white/blue repartition. The electric blue and white still work well together in this more classic pattern. I would have made an harmony of the various logos (for example TOTAL in white, and with the current logo).

    #10 : This is a crazy livery. If I look at this as a team livery, this is near to perfect. The base pattern looks very complex but it is easily doable (design-wise, not technically-wise) on every car, and the black parts cleverly break it apart to fit every car shape and make it recongnizable yet personnalized to each bodywork. Some of the other team cars are absolutely brilliant. My only drawback is that this design was not made specifically for this theme.

    #11 : I've always liked the simplicity of the Spirit of Race livery. Adding the subtle patterns in the silver parts makes it even more desirable. I would have use the same pattern in the back than in the front for a better coherence of the design.

    #12 : What can I say about that? It's a perfect combination of Rosso Corsa and Giallo Modena in a classic livery which follows the codes of the iconic Ferrari race cars of that era. Probably an auction sale killer and a Concours award winner.

    #13 : The base idea of Ferrari allowing an Itasha car is quite bold. But I'm not sure with the red character on red body, and even more with the orange and bordeaux gradients. I think this would look a lot better with a silver base, red character and bright red parts to echoes the character (Spirit of Race feeling, anyone ?). The green part on the hood also feels odd as it's the only green piece on the car.

    #14 : Undoubtedly weird, especially on a +$10m car. I'd try just to see if this will loose the Ferrari Classiche Certification!

    #15 : The livery itself is just as clean and neat as #6 for example, but this has rised a strong nostalgia part on my heart as I own both Ferrari F2002 and F2003 sneaker shoes from Fila.

    #16 : Such a clean execution on the lines and the right colour repartition. The custom-made Dino Owners Club decal is great, and the license plate made my day.

    #17 : Another great execution on the italian-coloured lines, although I might have ended differently on the front bumper.

    #18 : Like most of the classics in this contest, the lines are nice and precise, and the royal red adds sleekness to the car.

    #19 : I like the overall look and aggressivity of the car. Maybe the transition from silver to red could have been shorter, as the GT Sport engine is not fan of the gradients on special colours.

    #20 : This is bold and the stripes are well adjusted to the body of the car. Keeping the same spacing and still flow from the front to the rear is quite an achievement.

    #21 : Another cocktail livery with this Dirty Martini. The colour works well on the car, the lines are nicely executed (that curve around the rear window is just insane), and the dirt is subtle enough to enhance the technical aspect without denaturing the purity of the overall design.

    #22 : A lovely modern car. The mix between the blue waves and the silver reflection adds a lot to this design. I would have made the "waves" part not so straight but more following the body shape. (this is particulary visible in the bonus pictures).

    #23 : Once again a nice and pure classic. The use of grey is a very good idea as I think that the obvious "black on yellow" choice wouldn't have looked as good as this. The details on the license and numberplate are also very welcome.

    #24 : Since I can forgive doing that kind of damage to such a car because it's only virtual, I feel that it wasn't enough. It should have been a total wreck!

    #25 : The gradient parts remind me of the Tempesta Racing "Sky" 488. Just like this car, the use of colourful gradients on a pure white base really helps to balance the design. The black parts at the front also add to the meanness of the car. The use of gold wheels is a nice touch too.

    #26 : I've got mixed feelings about this one. I do reckon that this is a nice transposition of the airplane livery, but it doesn't work as good for a race car livery. The rear pattern is too narrow and the beige colour is not the sexyest for a race car.

    #28 : Copy-paste any comment I've made about classic cars, clean lines and italian colours before. The helmet does look good too!

    #29 : Interestingly enough, I'd like it even better if the car actually wears the darker red / brown the settings of the bonus shots show.

    #30 : Another modern-era race car with sharp lines. I like how the black/white/red cuts are parallel, on the rear of the car.

    It wasn't easy, really. I've tried to be objective and also follow my own feelings. I've separated my votes chronologically.

    In the "Old Iconic Classics" category, @Kelmac gets my vote. @Raphaele is short after.

    In the "Mid-Classic / Youngtimers" category, @Baliwa earns it. @teensonacid gained my heart but the Blaupunkt 512 won by the technical aspect. @PrinsvOranje was not far away too.

    The "Modern Era" category was the hardest one. Although I don't like the fact that this wasn't specifically designed for this competition, I can't objectively say that @D-Max version is not the best looking of the pack, so he gets my last vote. @Slender_Man , @Thorin Cain and @Drex124 were close calls.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2020 at 6:46 PM
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  10. teensonacid


    thanks for the feedback and thoughts mate, and I agree that @Baliwa really knocked it out the park on this one for me. Probably my easiest and favorite choice for a vote on this one.
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  11. ringkurier


    Thank you for your afford @Cytoria . :cheers:

    I really enjoy reading these feedback write ups, as you can see yours and others entry from a different view.