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Should there be tyre wear in free practice/qualifying tt for races that have tyre wear?

  1. yes

  2. no

  1. ivann


    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    I dont have a problem with sprint races (daily A, B). No tyre wear in practice, no tyre wear in race.
    In Daily C races there is a problem. You play with one physichs model for training, set a fast lap, then go into race (tyre wear on, different physics model) and crash in the first lap. Whats the point of that? Turn tyre wear on in practice so we can know our real times and handling before race, or add an option to turn it on/off.
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  2. DaigoD


    I mostly do race C and FIA races. Today, I tried the B race and I`m not sure if it`s just my imagination or not but the car felt different in the race. I was skidding around a lot more and I had to adjust my driving style a bit. Is this a thing or is it just in my head?
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  3. Venster


    If you’re pretty close to someone in front the dirty air will affect your car, I didn’t believe this but the more I do it you can definitely feel the understeers more when following closely.

    Also tyre wear needs to be added to the fia practice quali imo
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  4. Jamie Bbbbb

    Jamie Bbbbb

    This would be okay if they added a separate 'Practice session' mode for the race.

    Anyway, couldn't you do this in an offline race?
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  5. DriftMethod


    Yes. If people really want to practice, set up a custom race with the race conditions.

    Qualifying with tire wear would be annoying. After every lap, I'd hit retry and waste all that time instead of just doing consecutive laps.

    I like the FIA race qualifying with fuel burn/tire wear, but that would be inefficient for a daily race.
  6. fastone371


    United States
    If anyone doesnt believe that aero makes a difference in GTS do one of the "farming credits" races at Blue Moon with the X Bow, you pass most of the cars in the corners and you can really feel a lot of aero push when driving thru the aero wake of the car in front.

    As far as setting up a custom race with tire wear I have tried that, for some reason the cars handle much different in GT mode than in Sport mode.
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