[POLL] Un-Edited Competition - Week 119 - W. Rallymorten

Who will win Week 119?

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Upside-down in the final corner

Week 119​

Chosen by week 117 winner jus1029

"Hongky Dongky"

Cars: Any.

Tracks: Hong Kong.

Photo Travel: Nope.

Poll Size: --

Explanation: In the words of week 117 winner, jus1029: "In line with my vacay in HK, drive or race around that track with your favorite car!"

Poll ends:

March 30th


  • Allowed photo editing tools: Resize. No other modifications allowed outside GT4 photomode.
  • You may submit one entry. It must be your own work and not previously entered in a competition.
  • You may only change your entry once. When changing it, indicate clearly (please, when doing this, edit your post with your new entry, do not submit a new post with a new entry)
  • Please mark your Final Entry clearly in RED.
  • Your entry may not exceed the poll character limit. (5 characters are enough to name your image). If your entry exceeds it, the link to the full size image, will be removed.
  • We recommend you use a free image hosting service such as or
  • You must post your entry either as a thumbnail, or as a preview linked to the full image - see here for instructions .
  • Previews should be no larger than 400 pixels along the longest side - be it vertical or horizontal - and should not have more or less effects than the full size image.
  • Photos must be taken from a normal version of GT4, do not use any cheats or Game Shark codes to modify the game content.
  • Please do not ask other members to choose your entry. Have confidence in your own skills and go with your favorite shot.
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Metro Manila
Voted for your shot, Mort! 👍
Upside-down in the final corner
Knowing what you're capable of, I feel kinda honored :embarrassed:
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