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Welcome to the inaugural photo set of Populuxe Cowboy's Tiki Lounge and Photomode Hideaway. Come into the back yard and light another tiki torch. There's plenty of shish kebabs on the grill (and a few non-meat kebabs for my vegetarian friends) and plenty of tiki mugs waiting to be filled with your favorite fruity cocktails. Martin Denny is playing some swinging exotica on the hi-fi, so let's escape to the south seas without even leaving the suburbs.

I'm starting off with photos of all the cars in the Logitech October DLC. Why are there two photos of the Volvo? Because I like it twice as much as any other car in that set.

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If there is one thing I would change in each shot. Then it would have to be the aperture, since I feel a higher aperture would of improrved each shot.
Here's a quick set of the 4 early monopostos in the game. Next up will be the Grand Prix cars of 1966/7, as soon as I have the money to get the McLaren. I have the Brabham, Eagle-Westlake, Honda and Lotus already.

I'm not sure why, but someone at T10 has it bad for 1966 and 1967 Formula 1 cars. I will admit it's a beautiful era of race cars with their slim lines and lack of crazy wings. Since they nearly have the entire 1967 season done, I would like to see them finish it up with the Ferrari 312 for it's lusty Italian V12 wail, the BRM with it's insane H-16 engine, and the Cooper-Maserati for another lusty Italian V12 wail.

I also photographed the engines because look at that. They're works of art, especially the exhaust systems. I hadn't really considered it before, but three of those five engines have the exhaust ports on the inside of the V which is highly unusual. In fact the only time I recall seeing that (on a production car, anyway) was on an old Cadillac V8 of about 1930.

And now for the four open-cockpit sports-racers of the late 1960s: 1966 Chaparral 2E, 1969 Lola T163, 1969 McLaren M8B, and the 1969 Nissan R382.

One again, engine bays. Sadly, the engine covers of the McLaren and Nissan cannot be removed in Forzavista. The Chaparral 2E used an aluminum Chevy 327 (5.3 liter) small block V8. The Lola T163 uses a Chevy 358 (5.8 liter) V8. The McLaren uses a massive Chevy 430 (7.0 liter) big block V8 making a whopping 630 horsepower. The Nissan uses a Prince-designed and built 5954cc V12 making 600hp.

Here are all the new December cars, except for the Fury which I've already done.

Ferrari 250LM, photographed at Monza.

Mercedes-AMG C63S Coupe around four street courses.

Lola-Chevrolet T90 at four racetracks it raced on.

Koeniggsegg One:1 at Daytona for the speed.

Holden VL Commodore at Bathurst (where else?)

Mazda RX-7 GTU at four racetracks it raced on.

Nissan Silvia (CSP311) at the Bernese Alps and Rio.

It's been a couple of weeks, but I've finally had a chance to get back to FM6. I ran the Aston Martin V12 Vantage S in one of the career mode race series this morning. Of all the modern Astons, the Vantage is my favorite. I love the looks of this short-wheelbase sports car.

Then I went out and bought a couple of Fiats. First up is the 8V Supersonic. If it looks familiar to you Pixar movie fans, that's because it's the basis for the design of Finn McMissile, Michael Caine's character in Cars 2.

Finally, here's a Fiat X1/9. Man, I really should have bought one of these back when you could get a five or six year old one for just pennies.

I love this little guy. The TE27 is a wonderful car. All I did was remove the bumpers, paint the fender flares black, and put some Compomotive 8-spokes on it to simulate the look of classic 8-spoke Watanabes (which are sadly not available). For those that don't know, black Wats are to JNCs (Japanese Nostalgic Cars) like Cragar S&S wheels are to American muscle cars. I lowered the suspension, and installed all street performance parts. I believe it's now E276

I started with the slowest car, the Opel GT at Yas Marina. You're not going to impress anyone with outright speed, but it's sexy as hell and fun to toss around.

The Fiat Dino crossing the line at Lime Rock. Another beautiful car, and an impressively quick one. Not surprising since it uses the same Ferrari V6 as the Dino 246.

Here I am in the Mercedes-Benz 280SL at Road Atlanta, duking it out with another late-'60s classic, the Toyota 2000GT. There is no color that doesn't look good on this car, and it's got a nice bit of grunt out of that 2.8 liter straight-6.

Diving down the Corkscrew at Luguna Seca in the Ferrari 488GTB. Not surprisingly, with 661 horsepower, you're in the big leagues with this car. Thankfully, the handling is more than up to the task.

Going through the chicane at Daytona in the Corvette Daytona Prototype. Fast and solid, the amount of downforce on this car is insane, and that V8 sounds great.

The front straight at Sabring at night in the XJR-9. The V-12 sounds delicious, and it's a fantastically fast car.

I ran the Alfa Romeo P3 at Monza without the front chicane. Tazio Nuvolari didn't race with chicanes, and neither will I. I can't believe how hard this car accelerates. By the time the field had gotten to the first right-hand sweeper, I had passed every car. And the handling is crazy fun. Yes, it has ancient skinny bias-ply tires and a flimsy ladder frame, but the handling is sweet and controllable. It helps that it weighs little more than a Cozy Coupe. The sound of that twin-supercharged straight-8 is beautiful, easily my favorite sounding engine in the game. It's just so mechanical and authentic. It's going to take a long time to get me out of this car.
The P3 makes me want to do some black and white photography, but the watermark ruins the effect (okay, so does the helmet on the driver, but I can't do anything about that.) So here are six different photos I've run through a couple of iPhone apps I've tried that let me crop out the watermark and make photos that look period correct. You'll notice the original photos centered the action to the left, away from the watermark. The rectangular black and white photos were done with an app called Koloid which emulates a type of photography from the late 19th century, and the square black and white photos are done with Tintype which emulates another early type of photography. I'm going to show all three for each photo.

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I really like this car. All twelve colors look great on it. I imagine if I was shopping for one in 1967, the salesman would be standing there tapping his foot impatiently while I dithered over which color to get it in. I photographed it in Prague because there are so many beautiful buildings. There's a stunning view everywhere you look.

Time to do some racing in the Opel GT. I was in love with this car when I was a kid. It looked like a Corvette in 4/5ths scale.

I never did post up photos of the January DLC cars, so here they are. I still need to do February, too. I haven't spent nearly enough time in that Kadett. The Manaro has been taking up most of my time from this group.

I got 4 of these. I sure wish we could gift cars. It would be nice to share them with the people who missed out.
I was inspired by an old catalog image of the 1981 Oldsmobile Omega SX to recreate the paint scheme. Of course there's no Omega in the game, so I settled on the boxiest car I could think of: the Abarth 131.

Here is the original Oldsmobile image. Kinda sexy, yes?

Now here's my interpretation of it. I used the manufacturer's yellow which is brighter and less mustardy than the Olds, but it looks good. And the nice thing is I can change it to any color I like if I feel like a change. I just have to remember to change the color of the "131" and wheels to match.

EDIT: now that I look at it, I need to darken up the semi-opaque stripes down the middle of the body.